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Great Tips to Boost Strong Confidence for Your Children

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Great Tips to Boost Strong Confidence for Your Children

Concerns and children’s affairs

The students returned to their schools and the new school year began. Everyone was busy preparing, registering, books, and things related to the school and its concerns. We see parents at the beginning of each academic year in terms of physical and psychological stress. Often parents, are nervous about not responding to their children and sometimes refusing to go to school.

Here are some simple techniques to help you talk to your teens and children to strengthen their strengths and build positive feelings that will help them a lot at the beginning of the school year and strengthen their spirits among students.

Great Tips to Boost Strong Confidence for Your Children
Great Tips to Boost Strong Confidence for Your Children

Quiet dialogue with children

More fun for children 10 years of age and less enjoy a trip to nature, jogging behind the butterflies, taking pictures, and playing nonstop. In order to know their thoughts, you must first ask them what they loved that day and what was the color of their day.

Focus on color, because the language of color is when the child takes the first place in the expression. Colors can range from gray to violet. It’s always good to know why she chose colors to get to know what they were thinking and what they were feeling that day.

There are several ways to open an easy and interesting dialogue with the child. But the easy and quick way to open a meaningful and good dialogue with children of all age groups under the age of adolescence is to chat and communicate with them about the events of their day. This conversation usually takes place at the dining table for us, usually at the dinner table.

Great Tips to Boost Strong Confidence for Your Children
Great Tips to Boost Strong Confidence for Your Children

I would like to ask parents to focus on the language of dialogue with their children, especially in the dining table. In the period of dialogue between parents and their children, the evaluation system is used in reality to talk about the emotional and psychological state of the child.

What is going on in his mind and what is bothering him and what he is happy about. Unfortunately, many parents fall into the big mistake of not communicating the child’s healthy message or not understanding what should be understood in the right and ideal way.


Understand what is going on in the minds of our children

As parents, we spend a lot of our time talking to our children, and then we wonder why they do not seem to have listened to us! Many times and hot moments, we find ourselves stuck in conflict and the sharp debate, and we cannot know what to say to stop this fighting.

We fall in confusion and great questions!? Why our children do not respond! Why do they reject our advice? Sometimes we do not know how to answer many of the difficult questions that our imagination has in mind!


Why talking with children is sometimes difficult?

The main challenge for parents is that they often speak without understanding how their children receive the message and how receptive they are to their content. This is confirmed by many doctors of psychology. They often assume that our children understood our words.

But then we wonder why they did not do what we said to them. So many questions! While many conversations between parents and children can lead to misunderstandings, effective communication becomes not only possible but can reach a dead end.

Great Tips to Boost Strong Confidence for Your Children
Great Tips to Boost Strong Confidence for Your Children

Purposeful Dialogue

We base our information on successful strategies on many issues from human development centers and family and social relationships. Pay attention! There is no saved scenario or system to continue. I think these ideas are easy to implement as tools you can use when you need them to help you and help your child understand each other.

When talking to your child, be calm and take comfort and listen to your child. Specific actions should be taken to further promote this dialogue, such as your direct view of your eyes, bending to your child’s level, or carrying you to make him feel that you are interested in him.

You have to listen because this helps a lot in building a strong and solid relationship between you and him and helps more in building this relationship good listening to him. If you cannot speak at that particular moment, and you are busy with something very important, tell him that you are now in the middle of something important and when you are done immediately you will start talking to him.

 Confidence for Your Children
Great Tips to Boost Strong Confidence for Your Children

Listen to what our children say

Your child’s words are important, and you should repeat what you heard from him. It is useful to repeat and repeat what you have heard. Put feelings and feelings in your child’s words, and this helps a lot to understand what he wants. He may or may not want to play in the swing or any other game, right? Or do not want to go to school today feeling tired.

And you have to remedy what he wants carefully and carefully to avoid the big problem. If the child is in a state of anger and crying strongly, and your reaction was that you received him; ‘You are really crazy, shut up and listen to loud and other foul and unloved words!’ Then make sure that this may worsen the situation rather than help him and will increase his screaming and crying.


Accountability of Children

Ask specific questions to gather more information. You can say to him, ‘Can you tell me exactly what happened, what bothers you, what exactly do you want?’

If it makes sense to speak some more, you may ask him: ‘Why are you so upset? What exactly is it that saddens you? ‘Ask him frequently questions to reach the reality of your child’s feelings. It helps you gather more information, so you can understand what actually happened and how to develop the right solutions.



Children’s blessing is not worth the money! What you cultivate from the values ​​and teachings of your child will come today, harvested in the future. Consider what you sow to harvest a good harvest.

Great Tips to Boost Strong Confidence for Your Children


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