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Lord Jesus, Join My Life to Yours

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Lord Jesus, Join My Life to Yours

Lord Jesus, I desire that my life be united with your life and my thoughts with your thoughts
My longing is with your longing, my heart is with your heart, my works are with your deeds, and my soul is all by yourself
That through this union my life may become a more holy life,

And more satisfying in the eyes of your father. And to become
My life is more deserving of your grace, so I win eternal life. I wish
O Lord, that I join my purposes to your purposes and my actions
To your holy works and my despicable soul to your exalted virtues.
Therefore, when I pray, I include your holy prayer in mine:

Lord Jesus, Join My Life to Yours
Lord Jesus, Join My Life to Yours

In all my life and in every detail of it, I will join your divine purposes
Along its length and breadth in everything, I do or endure.
I will unite, if possible, with your looks into my eyes, and with your holy words into my mouth,
And with your meekness to my gentleness, and with your humiliation and humiliation to my humility,
In other words, I want to include all your divine spirit in my works: 

And when I discover in one of my works something that is not inspired by your soul
Rather, it proceeds from my selfishness and from my low, mortal desires,
I disavow him and condemn him with all my heart.
Yes, Jesus, I promise myself that there will be nothing in it
Not united with your lofty virtues. Trustworthy

Lord Jesus, Join My Life to Yours



At the many crossroads of my life and with this noise and screaming in my soul I cry out to you, my Jesus! The cry of the needy and the poor is not only for money and material needs but for my need for your care, blessing, and Holy Light! How much my soul cries out to you, beloved, so do not hide your face from me, O tender Lord, my soul yearns for you, and my soul is lost without you, and my treasuries are empty! Hurry up, Lord, and save me, for I cry to you!

Do not leave me in the land of my estrangement, in my loneliness, and my sadness, and the enemy rains down on me with its deadly arrows, it wants to hunt me! Come quickly, O Lord, and save me, for I am drowning! Help the soul to enjoy your bounties and virtues, O noble one! Lord Jesus

Pass the winds and storms to calm down, so peace will return and prevail in my life! Calm the high waves and break their turmoil, so safety and joy return to my heart. Do not allow the ship of my life to sink, guide it to safety so that my soul may live in you and glorify your holy name forever. Amen


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