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Prayer of Thanksgiving and Praise to Our Lord and Creator


Prayer of Thanksgiving and Praise To Our Lord and Creator

1. I will begin my day in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Thank You, Father, for You have created me as I am, and this body and this Spirit has given me. Thank You for creating the time that passes and pours into eternal eternity. Thank You for the day that I will inform You, Your infinite love will overwhelm me and I will be full of happiness.

Thank You for the hope that is born in my heart with the birth of this morning, and I wish You today in my sorrow, my pain, and my difficulties. Everything is meaningful, for those who are with You and searching for You in everything.


Thank You, Father

Thank You for the light of this new morning. It reminds me of the eternal light, that light never goes out. I want to open up to this created light, to inform the kingdom of heaven.

Thank You, Father, for You have sent Your Son Jesus Christ into the earth, and he has said of himself: “I am the light of the world, I am the glory, the truth, and the life.”  Thank You, Father, for the Holy Spirit. With the grace that is giving me today, I will live in the light and the right and grow in their own accord.

In this day I thank You, Father, for our mother Mary. Is the star of the morning, and the dawn of the new day, is the mother surrounded by the sun and the moon and around the twelve planets.

Through which she showed us the blessings she gave to humanity. Thank You for creating it without sin since the beast. And with the power of Your soul, keep it immaculate to become a home for Your son.

Father, help me to begin this day with the light and the joy of Your love. Give me a gift from You. Help me to live it please, and give me the strength necessary to embody love and reconciliation in all my work. And make me ask You without interruption, who is the spring of pure joy.

(Moments of meditation and silence)…

Prayer of Thanksgiving and Praise To Our Lord and Creator
Prayer of Thanksgiving and Praise To Our Lord and Creator

I Raise Up to You, O LORD

2. Father, I want to choose You, and I intend to prove in my decision forever. Give me today to serve You first in all my positions. Give me that I seek only Your glory and Your love. Help me today especially to be stronger in all my experiences. Do not allow my love to be incomplete. But to surrender to Your will completely surrender.

I raise up to You, O LORD, all who I will meet with them today, and let them choose to live with You with confidence so that my testimony will be facilitated. Let me be clear and the decision I made this morning to help and encourage others.

(Moments of meditation and silence)…


3. Thank you, August, because I’m yours. And now I desire, and surrender today and forever to Your will. I truly realize Father, that sin, and evil are in me and around me. I realize that the wicked is the prince of the world of darkness, the enemy of man from eternity, that elusive deceitful, untiring and incapable of trying to erase love and remove peace. So I choose You now and with my will, with the appearance of this day, I choose You alone. I will not make him jealous. I want to resist all his attacks and pay all collusion with him.

I thank You, Father, for You have given me the freedom of Your choice. Thank You for Your son Jesus Christ, who revealed the evil deeds of the evil man and revealed his evil tricks, and overtook him with the power of his love and sacrifice. Thank You, Father, for You have kept Mary’s purity and perfection. Thank You for making it our protector.

(Moments of meditation and silence)…


Give Me Love

4. Father, You have created me, and my love for You and my neighbor delights me on this earth and hopes for eternal life in heaven. Therefore I reject today all that is outside of love: hatred, chaos, and blasphemy, I choose love, I want it for me and for others.

Send Your soul to love You as Your son Jesus loved You. Give my love to love You in my brother and in all Your creation. Thank You for sending Your son Jesus, it is presumed to make himself love to me and to humanity. So I cry today with all my heart and despite my poverty: Father, I want to love You! Thank You, because You gave me St. Mary Mother, Mother of Mercy, love, and compassion. Thank You for the education You wish to give us, to love You and all human beings.

(Moments of meditation and silence)… PBook(google translate)

Prayer of Thanksgiving and Praise To Our Lord and Creator


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