7 Things That Help You to Be Attractive to Your Lover

7 Things That Help You to Be Attractive to Your Lover

At the beginning of our topic today we must mention that the foundations of building a healthy relationship between men and women first are sincere love based on mutual trust and respect. And our question to you Madam: What are the most important things that help you to be attractive to your lover?

Gravity is an important and effective factor in the success of the relationship between the two lovers because the acceptance and satisfaction of the other side will lead to an atmosphere of affection and romance and will certainly enhance the power of love between them, making it stronger and more cohesive. Honesty and dealing with transparency at all levels between the two lovers increase the relationship strength and strength and enhance confidence between them.

While we may see the opposite if other factors interfere in the relationship; Such as the weakness of one side’s attraction to the other or negligence and indifference, which may generate feelings of passion and feelings, and this will lead to unsatisfactory results for both sides. Below is a line of advice to granules or wives to help them enhance their attraction to their loved ones.

7 Things That Help You to Be Attractive to Your Lover
7 Things That Help You to Be Attractive to Your Lover

Show interest naturally

You should show your apparent interest to your lover and your love for him with all transparency without making it appear to him how important it is in your life; By taking care of him in all his special circumstances, especially when the problems or diseases that concern him or a member of his family. Give him the necessary support and morale when he or she has problems in his / her own work or job.

Surely this will leave a positive effect on yourself and will feel like the first person in your life; Which brings you wonderful results because you will be in his mind and heart most important among the women of the earth will not give up whatever happens; Always be transparent and spontaneous and give the necessary attention and will reap the positive and happy results.


Attention to the external appearance

Many wives neglect this particular point, and as a result of this negligence; they lose a lot, or ignorance or other reasons we do not know. But it is important to take care of your appearance and care for your cleanliness. The quality of your clothes and not to appear in front of your husband or lover in inappropriate appearance, so you have to be attractive to your partner to look a decent appearance attracts you.

For wife: take care of yourself after you do the house and cooking. Andˆ the resulting effects and smell attached to your clothes and hair. And this certainly bothers your husband, always rush to take a bath and look out on your outer appearance and choose the beautiful clothes that appeal to your husband and do all this before returning from work. And when you arrive with this attractiveness and beauty, this may attract more to you and hurt for your benefit.


Beauty care

Take care of your beauty in general and especially care about your hair and skin; Do not be late to spend money on the purchase of tools, materials, make-up, perfumes, nail polish, care for your eyelashes; specifically removing excess hair from the body.

And taking care of the teeth not to emit the smell of the mouth; to appear in front of your lover or your husband the appearance of decent and beautiful, this attracts him more.

7 Things That Help You to Be Attractive to Your Lover
7 Things That Help You to Be Attractive to Your Lover

The participation factor is necessary and important

There are women and grain as opposed to the man in his hobbies. For example, he likes playing tennis or watching football, and she hates this; The problem is, and you do not occur in these side problems; always share your love in activities that you like and love to practice. 7 Things That Help You to Be Attractive to Your Lover

Even if you do not love, force yourself for your lover, it makes you enjoy these activities and areas. And be sure that your actions will strengthen the relationship between you and the more attracted to you. And this generates within it the desire to hold on to strengthen your love and trust between you.


Give him a gift

No matter how simple the gift is, it will bring joy and pleasure to its heart. I do not mean here the physical gift! But a gift of another kind has more importance than material gifts.


Take his opinion and consult

For a transparent and successful relationship between you and your husband or lover. You should take his or her opinion when you come to buy equipment or clothes or anything in common between you. You have to feel that you respect his person and that his opinion means much to you; it certainly strengthens the relationship more and makes it strong and strong.


Fitness and sport

One of the necessary things neglected by many wives because of the troubles of the house. And attention to children and lack of time and many other reasons is fitness; you have to avoid laziness and inactivity, organize your time and schedule a daily or weekly schedule; join the sports club and your favorite sports exercises to maintain the luster of your body and take the fitness and activity.

You do not have to sit all day doing sports, for sure, that’s not what you mean. You can spend about 20 minutes a day or more doing any sport that suits you even inside the house if there are many reasons.

Why you can not go out or go to the club. Also, with your exercise in the sport, you have to follow a healthy diet and stay away from eating sweets and chocolate in abundance and all fatty impurities in order to maintain your fitness and beauty.

I hope I have given you this little information! And may help you even a little to build a successful relationship and passion with those who love, in order to last and continue to do not fail difficulties or problems. (Google Translate)


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7 Things That Help You to Be Attractive to Your Lover


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