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Is Divorce The Solution? 4 Best Ways To Save Your Marriage

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Is Divorce The Solution? 4 Best Ways To Save Your Marriage

Some believe that the ultimate and preferred solution to get rid of a failed and unequal relationship is a divorce! Is divorce the solution? Hear daily a lot of news about divorce or separation, may reach in after countries to 60%! Resulting in many other problems in the future, and the first victim of this divorce is the children who pay the price and fall into psychological crises and mental states dispersed and the situation will not be sound at all.

Experts in this area advise couples who fall prey to crises and problems with equanimity; calmness and serious thinking in all aspects before making this fateful decision! And put some different and unconventional ways to help the couple to overcome their marital problems!

As specialists in this field emphasize that there are many things and alternatives that couples can resort to before considering divorce. Here we will list 4 points to help you overcome this crisis between you and your husband.

Is Divorce The Solution? 4 Best Ways To Save Your Marriage
Is Divorce The Solution? 4 Best Ways To Save Your Marriage

Who is at wrong me or him?

Instead of focusing all your energies and attention on who is wrong and blaming; and trying to know who is wrong you or him! Although it is often useful to answer an answer to this question, you should note that in some cases this may increase the severity of the crisis between you and your husband, especially if your husband is the type of person who does not admit the mistake. To be happy and successful to be transparent and clear does not escape by any means or method of error, but the justifications.

Anyone who tries to escape from the error knows that he will be in greater error thus increasing the crisis is complicated. Here it is better to look for clear and transparent ways to resolve marital differences, the most important of which is to always answer yourself this question: What should I do to solve this problem? Here is the right eye so you have put all your mind and your mind to the solution, not focus on the problem, and here you are in the right way to reach the appropriate solutions that satisfy the couple.


The unit and moving away briefly may help

Our unity and avoidance be the appropriate solution to get rid of the abnormal situation. And the pressures that you experience in this period of your married life ?! My advice to you Madam and his sons on my follow-up to many marital crises and problems.


Dimension helps a lot too!

To fortify your marriage and keep your house from collapsing; You have to resort to this decision as soon as possible to go with your husband this acute crisis of problems and give you a period of recovery and calm to reset your accounts and retreat yourself to find the appropriate solutions that bring water back to the streams between you and your husband.

Many people chant this saying: dimension is hollow or in other sense the dimension kills love; But in fact, if love is real between the couple, nothing can kill him no matter how big he is; and he will not hide him after the distance, especially if this relationship was built on the basis of love.

Is Divorce The Solution? 4 Best Ways To Save Your Marriage

Is Divorce The Solution? 4 Best Ways To Save Your Marriage
Is Divorce The Solution? 4 Best Ways To Save Your Marriage

In times of crisis, stop talking about your personal problems

Often when the crisis and the problems between the spouses are justified is the master of the situation. Each side tries to find a justification; so justification is the way that the husband or wife tries to get out of this cycle of problems and overcome the impasse. And many resort to arguments that are unjustified and unjustified to overcome problems, but this will increase them even more.

Madam! In times of acute problems between you and your husband; be silent about going into conversations about your life and your own problems. Because this particular period needs to be calm and twisting, and you need in this particular period to be patient and use your ear Listening echo the word listener and not listen only. I will open two crescents here to show you an important point (there are many who hear and hear, but the problem is that they do not listen!

Listening is the analysis of speech and focuses on it and tries to understand it from all aspects; and dimensions in terms of rational, realistic, analytical, scientific, wisdom, awareness. This is listening while listening to the only ear, and the mind is busy and dispersed elsewhere, it will not help anything). In this particular period, you have to try to listen and talk about topics and issues related to the special problems because talking about them takes the dialogue in another direction and exacerbates the crisis instead of helping it.

Is Divorce The Solution? 4 Best Ways To Save Your Marriage
Is Divorce The Solution? 4 Best Ways To Save Your Marriage

Complete all your marital disputes!

The chatty wife, who conveys all her feelings to her family and friends; tells of the problems that are going on in her marital relationship and inside her home; Know that one of the most behaviors that may affect negatively and may destroy your home; and your relationship with your husband and get you to separation or divorce, It is chatting and talking about your domestic life between you and your husband, your family and those close to you.

If you are one of the wives who seek to fortify her marriage and her home; do not pretend that your mouth speaks with personal words about you and your husband; Because this bothers a lot of men that may complicate the relationship between you more; and contribute to increasing the problems between you. You should maintain confidentiality in everything related to your home life, especially your own, and your spouse.

Try always to find the right solutions between you and your husband; away from the intervention of parents or friends This is not what we mean by being alone; or separating from your surroundings. But to claim a barrier to the special matters that are between you and your husband and maintain confidentiality.

Finally, we wish each wife to put some of her goals in marital life; as the basic pillars of the continuity and status of this relationship; (Respect trust, and love) Without these three pillars will fall this marriage! So we recommend that these qualities be attached to your life in order to be a successful marriage. My blood is a safe and successful marriage.

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Is Divorce The Solution? 4 Best Ways To Save Your Marriage


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