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Why Some Men Prefer To Live Without Marriage?


Why Some Men Prefer To Live Without Marriage?

I begin our speech on this subject about women before men; because women are the pulse of life without them will not continue life; Those who hold on to reactionary ideas and look at women as a pot emptying your physical desires; and satisfy your need for sensuality, you still live in the stone ages and control the sexual character!

Women must be viewed with respect, reverence, honor, and treated humanely. Away from the masculine thought that the Arabs used to do. Do not forget the reader that the woman is your mother, your sister, your wife, your daughter and your companion, through which you have seen the light in this life. Now let’s go back to our theme why do some men stay unmarried?

Why Some Men Prefer To Live Without Marriage?
Why Some Men Prefer To Live Without Marriage?

Some Men Live Without Marriage

I often hear about men without true emotional attachment. And always hear after the embarrassing questions directed to them and often repeated from the community or parents and family; In the aftermath, you are confused and embarrassed. These questions are not only repeated for young people as well; So it does not only affect you if you are single, but it affects everyone and in most societies.

What causes a man to remain without marriage? When we leave the house to do business in our daily lives; We often endorse people around us with their partners of the other class who can be a husband, wife, friend, and lover.

On the other hand, also see types of people who do not prefer attachment and choose another life fits; And other examples; You may find many lovers and loved ones care about Valentine’s Day and celebrate it each year and offer different gifts; While others do not care about this holiday and pass the mark. We will supply some points that make the man move away from the attachment and prefer to remain single and these are the most important: Why Some Men Prefer 


Escaping responsibility and pressures from society

This is why we see the young people of this age turning their eyes on serious attachment and marriage to the belief of some of them that attachment and marriage. Puts on their hands a lot of pressures and obstacles in their marital, family, and social life. So they run away from this responsibility because of the many fears and concerns that have led them to not experience the link to their partner. 


Former love relationship

Many young people fall into this vortex and can not get out of it live the rest of their life memories. This class of men sees them cannot continue in their future lives.

They are standing in the middle and this is their big mistake because they live in the hope of returning to their former lives and their old love and their arrogance and escape from a new relationship living their dreams of memories and great love that happened in their past lives, making them a victim of the past and stumbling in the way of the future.


Another hand is a shame

After the youth are obsessed with shame and the belief in some of them that shyness born instinctively; This is certainly a wrong thought, for every young man who holds this belief to remove it from his mind immediately! Because this is how he thinks of the men who are infected with him in the cage of loneliness and shame.

And they will be imprisoned inside this cage, who will stumble around their lives, and this leads them to a life of isolation and loneliness and certainly distancing them from life and beauty and losing the most beautiful days of their lives in this great prison that surrounded them.

Why Some Men Prefer To Live Without Marriage?
Why Some Men Prefer To Live Without Marriage?

Sticking to independence and freedom

Who among us does not want to be independent and free ?! Certainly, everyone is seeking independence. And happy free life, But some believe that attachment and martial life eliminate this independent life and will dominate this feeling within them. Prefer to remain without marriage and much build this belief because of what they hear. & see problems in the communities and families, creating within them this obsession and feeling to prevent them from taking this step.



Certainly, married lives are an obligation and responsibility and every married person must be committed; and devoted his time, life and money for his wife and children; This is what makes a section of men thinks in the opposite way because they do not understand correctly that martial life is based on partnership and union between the spouses in many respects.

So they consider that the commitment is to devote more time and effort to this person that you love; believe that the committee makes them leave everything from For their lover. So you find them fleeing and prefer to live free from emotional obligations and family. 



Some men and young people do not realize that excessive self-confidence is not appropriate in all circumstances; It may irritate other people and generate a state of caution and alienation in some, and therefore the excess confidence to leave a distance between you and people and build a high wall and may lead to isolation and unity. For this try to be normal! Certainly self-confidence, but with balance and responsibility, not pride and transcendence.


Physical and living conditions

In many societies, the idea of ​​being married and committed means that you have to satisfy all the requirements of your married life and to support your wife and children and certainly this is necessary and duty, but first and before the construction of palaces, villas, cars and other material things of interest to some must first build a relationship of trust and love and sacrifice and then come money.

This is a common misconception among a group of young people that prevents them from associating. If your financial situation is unstable and comfortable; you will certainly not be offered a marriage project and this is what many young people of this material age are suffering from.

Why Some Men Prefer To Live Without Marriage?
Why Some Men Prefer To Live Without Marriage?

There is real love except in myths and stories

There is a belief among groups of young people that love is just stories and legends of the night and night; which is only books and serials, and consider love is just a mental state that can live without them and dispense without causing him any defect or lack of his life. And certainly, this wrong thinking drives him to live the rest of his life alone.


Labor obsesses all their time

Some indulge in practical life and thus stay away from emotional life; Some individuals may work for more than 10 hours a day and only integrate into the working environment. Note in this period that many young people; Drown in their work to the point of alienating them from everything and their sole concern becomes their practical world and their practical lives.

And this is what forgets or distancing them from their emotional life does not allow room for integration in social and emotional life away from the hustle and bustle of their lives. They are so engrossed in business and money that their lives only work. So that young person can only integrate into the periphery of working life.


Wait for the share

How many marriages and connections were made by coincidence by a tourist trip or ceremony; were the result of acquaintance in a train or hospital or cinemas many of us have heard about such meetings. And how many of them have been crowned with success and continuity; But there are those who believe the opposite, there is a belief always echoed by a large section of these people say; ‘That the right person comes at the right time.’ Is this belief true? From my point of view, I personally do not think so.

Because this person can already exist and close. But some believe that this ideal lover and the distinguished person has not yet come; And see them through these misconceptions that have captured their mind lead them to wait for longevity without the arrival of this person Mays; From here they have fallen victim to this waiting without a result, but they have lost their age and time by waiting.



I hope have developed a set of the idea that will help young people who are not connected to reconnect. And find the key that opens the door of true love to build a solid relationship based on sincere understanding, trust, and affection to bear fruit in the future marriage and family; break down these barriers that prevent them from taking this step because that is what every man needs. Do you prefer to remain unmarried? Or did this article help you and move your feelings and love for immigrants?

Dear, you value the woman, do not treat her as a sexual pot for physical pleasure only! Women are not just a body that calls for sexual desire; It is the vigilance of the unconscious in the mentality of men and from them, the sanctity of life begins; Respect her, see her look up and up, this will be the greatest love offered to her.

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Why Some Men Prefer To Live Without Marriage?


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