Golden Al-Wafi Free Download Translator English-Arabic

Golden Al-Wafi Free Download Translator English-Arabic

Golden Al-Wafi is an English-Arabic Dictionary for professional translators and advanced users who provide specific and extended dictionaries with translations for various files. The new edition consists of a new translation engine, accurate and fast translation, and the text-to-speech feature in British.


About Golden Al-Wafi

Find out which means of the English language terms in Persia and vice versa, which includes medical conditions from math, physics, biochemistry, architecture, biology, medication, geology, and so on.

Golden* Al-Wafi Translator Dictionary software is usually a customized translation for the majority of advanced users and professional translators. This program makes it ideal for advanced translation purposes.

The application features regular updates to the primary engine and translations of thousands of different words and terms.

Golden Al-Wafi Download Free Translator English-Arabic
Golden Al-Wafi Free Download Translator English-Arabic


  • Quick and accurate translation.
  • New Translation Engine.
  • Translates thousands of words in just a few seconds.
  • English text to speech.
  • The new dictionary contains more than 2 million English / Arabic entries.
  • Eight dictionaries of specialized sciences in medicine, veterinary medicine, biology, physics, mathematics, chemistry, engineering, and geology.
  • Multiple Document Translation.
  • Compile multiple files in the background (compiled translation).
  • English Arabic Dictionary.
  • Arabic to the English Dictionary.
  • English spelling checker.
  • Proper nouns.
  • Bilingual user interface.
  • Bilingual User Guide (HTML).
  • Free Internet updates.
  • Works on all Windows systems.
Golden Al-Wafi Download Free Translator English-Arabic
Download Golden Al-Wafi Free Translator English-Arabic

Technical Details

  • Category: Translation programs and dictionaries
  • Software name: Golden Al-Wafi Translator
  • Version: Latest
  • License: Free
  • Operating systems: All Microsoft Windows systems
  • Languages: English, Arabic
  • Developer: ATA Software
  • Official website:


Minimum operating requirements
  • 166 MHz processor
  • 32 MB of RAM
  • 30 MB free hard disk space
  • Sound card (optional for text-to-speech)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer ™ 4.0 or later

Download Golden Al-Wafi Free


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