How Do You Forgive Those Who Has Betrayed You?

How Do You Forgive Those Who Has Betrayed You?

Many common issues in life touched our doors and interfered with our lives, leaving a good or bad impact on our lives and our future. Among these important issues, is treason. How do you browse about who betrayed you and derive the power to forgive the person who betrayed you?

Most of us are betrayed in his life in many kinds! We may face many possibilities when we are expected to forgive, and then feel that we cannot forgive, leaving a deep wound in the soul and a negative impact on feelings. All of us are angry and feel betrayed by betrayal. Sometimes we fail to move forward. Many give up and fall into extreme sadness.


Is Forgiveness Easy?

Forgiveness is not as easy as it is supposed to be or what some believe it to be! The forgiveness of the traitor is a difficult thing because it touches the depths and leaves in the soul a painful feeling and deep injury that will affect our lives and our future.

We try many times to do our best to forgive those who hurt us but are not good enough. Then we must try again and again to reach the goal and get healing.

How Do You Forgive Those Who Has Betrayed You?
How Do You Forgive Those Who Has Betrayed You?

Anger and Lack of Forgiveness

Non-forgiveness is a painful tax that will result in grief, bitterness, and pain. Because we continue to return to the same vicious circle, over and over again. But forgiveness makes us approach the justice of God when we are liberated from the knot of anger and unforgivable.

Those who are bitter now for not being able to forgive and forgive are the ones who should be saddened. Because they do not realize the secret and strength of forgiveness and how positive it is for their lives.

I know that forgiveness is complex and difficult to investigate because human justice does not function properly and does not play its role at all times as we think it should. We do not understand how God forgives sins and what is the mystery of this great love that He pays for forgiveness.

We do not know how sinners get forgiveness for their sins! There are many questions about the issue of forgiveness in the context of justice and love. Can we forgive and forgive only love, or should we follow other ways and rules? Therefore, how can we forgive unforgivable treason? Where there is no repentance in the heart of which he performed?


Does Repentance Lead to Inner Peace?

The lack of repentance is an inexcusable betrayal, because the person who has hurt us does not care about our interests, our feelings, the extent of our continuity, and our progress in life, and it does not concern us. Here nothing is stronger than love to give us strength and teach us forgiveness.

But we still need to struggle with our grief and bitterness. The person who hurt us does not ask about our feelings and what we feel, and it does not matter because selfishness has taken hold of him and does not concern him with what we feel or think. So, these painful feelings are ours alone.

How Do You Forgive Those Who Has Betrayed You?
How Do You Forgive Those Who Has Betrayed You?

Raise Treason in Human Life

Treason and how much you leave of the mother and grief. As far as we are concerned, narrow and sinful around and have left a negative impact on our souls and our lives. But when we leave it with a stronger hand, it will help us and teach us how to forgive.

When someone harms us and refuses repentance and confesses to error, it not only harms us, but it also sinned before the God of this life. He will receive the result of what he did on the great day of reckoning.

We may face many situations when we are expected to forgive, and we cannot do so, and lies a severe lake ask how to forgive who betrayed us?! The truth is that we need jihad and conflict with what we feel. If we do not, we fail the test. Then we will leave in us the power of faith to reach the desired goal.



If we continue to struggle with our will to forgive someone who has betrayed us, God will give us strength and help us achieve this miracle at the right time and place.

I hope that betrayal will not touch the door of your life and that you will always be far from it. Live a life of sincerity and transparency. And if your door knocks on this enemy, try in all ways and methods to win him with forgiveness! Because revenge will not solve the problem but will make it more complicated and painful.


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How Do You Forgive Those Who Has Betrayed You?

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