Jim Caviezel Declares the Truth of Jesus’ Love to all People

Jim Caviezel Declares the Truth of Jesus’ Love to all People

The protagonist of The Passion of the Christ proclaims the truth of Christ’s love for all mankind, and he speaks from the depths of his heart. Through these words, you will feel that they are a message coming from the heart of the Lord Jesus to all mankind. The Lord Jesus spoke through him. You will learn from him to sail on a journey to the spiritual depths.


Most Powerful Words

These words are among the most powerful words you may hear in your life, as they are from the Lord Jesus to you, in the voice of Jim Caviezel. In fact, these words shook my whole being for a moment. I felt that the Lord was speaking to me and wanted me to leave everything in life and listen to His call! Do not miss this video, it may change your life forever.

The Actor of The Passion of the Christ (Jim Caviezel) announces Christ’s message to humanity.

Jim Caviezel Declares the Truth of Jesus' Love to all People
Jim Caviezel Declares the Truth of Jesus’ Love to all People


In a time of speed and money, everyone suffers from many problems in his life; financial, family, health, social, political, and other endless problems. Few are the ones who enjoy true-hearted peace and a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus, the King of Peace.

That’s why we see all this chaos on Earth. There is no true and constant peace and joy apart from Jesus. Whoever tries to build his happiness and peace through money, physical desires, power, and external stimuli is mistaken and will not succeed.


Journey Into the Depths

If you are trying to reach happiness, peace, and a sense of inner comfort and calmness.. do not search far, because it is close to you and most of what you expect is in your inner world. But you need to break this barrier separating your material and spiritual man, and sail to the depths.

Dive into the depths of yourself without fear! Throw your nets into the depths, sail, and delve into the secret of the secrets of this wonderful world.. To do this, you need the necessary equipment for sailing and diving:

  • Target
  • Patience
  • Inner vision
  • Meditation
  • Calm
  • The time 

These tools are necessary for you to embark on your journey to the depths and secrets of your existence. First, you must carry this goal. Without a goal, you will not embark on this journey, you will continue to live like other human beings, seeking goals that are limited in time and fleeting. Seek first the supreme goal, the greatest goal, and set out. After your decision and your departure, you will certainly face many obstacles on your inner journey.

You are immersed in a world that has no beginning and no end, which is not limited by space or time. This wonderful spiritual world takes you on a journey to places of splendor and beauty that your mind would not imagine. To walk to the goal and continue on your journey without falling into the unknown and getting lost!

Jim Caviezel Declares the Truth
Jim Caviezel Declares the Truth

You Have a Goal

Our travels and wanderings require means of transportation to reach us, and they are many and varied. However, in our internal journey, the method of traveling differs greatly, because we travel with the spirit and not with the body, and the energy required on this journey is meditation and prayer.

without the calmness and time allotted for this task, in a written daily schedule. With great precision, your journey will not succeed and its failure will be inevitable. That is why you must first remain calm and serene and set the time every day for this inner journey. Do not get bored or back down. Calm down, be patient, meditate, let yourself have a goal, and go.

Traveling on a journey to the world of inner light will break this barrier between the subconscious mind and the apparent mind, i.e. between matter and spirit, and connect them with a bridge of harmony, unity, and stillness.

Then you will discover that true happiness is hidden deep in the depths of your inner world and that it has become within your reach. Do not be afraid to set out on the path. This inner journey is to discover your other world and be sure that you will reap a lot of psychological, spiritual, and moral benefits for you and all those around you. (google auto-translate) with my regards and love 

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Jim Caviezel Declares the Truth of Jesus’ Love to all People


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