Prevention of Influenza and Diseases in the Cold Winter

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Prevention of Influenza and Diseases in the Cold Winter

Winter and its bitter cold help us to be vulnerable to some types of influenza and diseases. That is why it must be faced in strengthening the immune system. There are many different ways and means that help with this.

First, by following a healthy diet and focusing on exercising on a regular basis; and eating natural juice that contains vitamin C, in addition to many preventive measures that can be taken. Some of the tips on preventing diseases in the cold winter we list to you, wishing you immunity from any disease.


Tips to avoid winter illnesses

Influenza (Flu)

This virus is considered one of the deadly diseases for those who have low immunity, such as those who suffer from diseases such as diabetes and kidneys, or the elderly who are over sixty years old and over. Here comes the importance of the annual influenza vaccination and the adoption of a special nasal spray for children between the ages of two and 18 years.

Tip: If you are one of the people at high risk of complications from influenza, we advise you to go and get this annual vaccination because it is considered necessary, especially for the elderly, as we mentioned earlier.



The common cold is very common in the winter season; That is why it must be prevented in different ways and strive in various ways available to avoid infection. General hygiene, such as washing hands frequently to get rid of bacteria and germs that can be picked up when we come into contact with many contaminated materials in our daily dealings.

Tip: If a family member is infected, he must pay attention to the cleanliness of the dishes and utensils with all the tools he uses. And also cleans the various corners of the house with antiseptics against bacteria to avoid spreading the disease to the rest of the family.

Prevention of Influenza and Diseases in the Cold Winter
Prevention of Influenza and Diseases in the Cold Winter

Sore throat

Sore throat is also one of the most common diseases in the winter, and the most common cause of infection are types of viral infections. According to researchers in several studies, the pharynx is affected by varying changes in temperature, such as moving from warm to cold.

Tip: In case of sore throat, experts advise lukewarm, saltwater, and gargling for 3 minutes. Of course, this will not cure the infection, but it helps a lot, as it puts a barrier to the growth of inflammation, as well as softens the throat, and gives a feeling of comfort.


Joint pain disease

Joint pain is common in patients with rheumatism, especially in severe cold. While the cause is still unknown, what is puzzling is that pain and joint aches increase in the winter season, and this does not increase their damage, it is limited only to an increase in aches.

Tip: Many people feel so depressed in the winter that they notice the pain more clearly and focus on it, and it seems more intense to them. In this case, things always look worse. However, exercising regularly is one of the best solutions to improve psychological and physical conditions. Swimming is also the best sport for those who suffer from joint pain.

Prevention of Influenza and Diseases in the Cold Winter
Prevention of Influenza and Diseases in the Cold Winter


According to experts, the cold air is one of the first and main causes of asthma attacks and its symptoms such as shortness of breath and stupor; That is why doctors advise asthma patients to be very careful in the winter.

Tip: Asthma patients are advised to stay indoors on very cold days. Those who adhere to their work and jobs are advised to put a specialized mask on the mouth and nose or to wrap a shawl. It is also necessary to focus, and it is necessary to take medicine regularly.


Dry skin

There are many who suffer from this common problem, as it becomes more severe in the winter with a high level of humidity. In this case, it is necessary to constantly moisturize the body, especially after bathing while the skin is still damp and before bedtime. There are a lot of natural materials that benefit, and doctors advise using them to moisturize warm skin. And we warn women to stay away from unnatural materials for moisturizing.

Tip: Use natural materials such as almond oil and natural soap, and adopt a warm bath, not too hot, because hot water causes dehydration to the soft skin more and more and irritates the skin. Hot water also causes hair to dry out, making it dull and unhealthy.

Prevention of Influenza and Diseases in the Cold Winter
Prevention of Influenza and Diseases in the Cold Winter

Angina pectoris

According to reports from the World Health Organization, heart attacks are more common in the winter season. This may be due to high blood pressure as a result of extreme cold or a change between a hot atmosphere inside the house and a very cold one outside, which increases pressure on the heart. Even the heart has to work extra hard in the winter to control body temperature.

Tip: Doctors advise those most at risk of heart disease to stay home during times of extreme cold and storms. In order to keep them warm at a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius, in addition to the importance of keeping the bed warm. When going out, a hat should be used on the head and gloves should be placed on the hands to warm the whole body.

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Prevention of Influenza and Diseases in the Cold Winter

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