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From Where Comes the Peace and How We Achieve it?


From Where Comes the Peace and How We Achieve it?

Wars are not as sacred as they claim and try to harm the other and abolish or force him to embrace their faith by force; And intimidating them to undermine them in the name of God is the top of Misguidance and evil.

The attempt to cancel the history and civilization of the other; as happens in Syria and Iraq in the name of God is frightening and very alarming to the religious, ethnic minorities, the history, and civilization in the region. Is peace possible at this time?

From Where Comes the Peace and How We Achieve it
From Where Comes the Peace and How We Achieve it

Where does peace come from?

Today’s world is changing very quickly and is almost losing the meaning and secret of its limitations. And lost much of his humanity and conscience; Many of us see the result of people’s love for power, money, corruption, sex, worshiping them and distancing themselves from God for self-worship and lusts, as well as human domination of human brotherhood, tragedies and endless wars. It seems that humanity is always thirsty for blood and war and has forgotten that war only leads to destruction and devastation

As if wars have become a normal thing in humans, as if they were watching a television series. And watching violence became a priority because most of the social sites were filled with videos and pictures of violence and intimidation. Today, the force of evil affects many children, adults, and families, leaving hundreds of thousands dead and wounded, millions of refugees, and the resulting material, moral and human devastation. From Where Comes the Peace

The twenty-first century is an important and crossroads between a confused future and a vague and indifferent one; We must be able to help all people in need of free living and life to be effective tools in our societies to ensure a safe and productive life for our children in a future governed by justice and freedom.

Let us begin with the dialogue, which is the panacea for all peoples. Let us start towards a serious and effective dialogue of tolerance among peoples; Because war does not win the war, but war makes the world is inhumane and dehumanizes it into a mass of debris, destroying everything that is good and useful.

From Where Comes the Peace and How We Achieve it
From Where Comes the Peace and How We Achieve it

Can peace be achieved?

Peace comes from God, so we ask the blessing of peace, which is indivisible or divided, but is for all, also let us have the language of the future; Let us all learn this new language of dialogue.

Peace can be reached anywhere, anytime, and everyone should work together to achieve it in all its strata and religions. With the help of God and our pursuit of dialogue, we will transform our world from war and chaos to fighting a peaceful and safe world.

I hope you find the article useful to you. How can you come up with useful ideas to develop bridges of dialogue; And the convergence between peoples? What other ways and means can you offer to help meet and unite to reach a peaceful world?

From Where Comes the Peace and How We Achieve it?


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