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ScreenToGif Free & Open Source Download for Windows PC

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ScreenToGif Free & Open Source Download for Windows PC

ScreenToGif provides, record your screen, edit and save it in GIF or video format! Great program for Windows computers. Record your current stunning display screen with this app.

You can download this great free screen recording tool for PC from the official website with a direct link! Free and open-source application, without ads! You can export it as GIF or Video or save it as a project for later editing. Portable, executable, single, and compact app, only ~ 3.5 MB!

Supports more than 18 different languages. It automatically detects the language of your system, and by default to the English language. 3 ways to record your content: screen, webcam, and drawing board. Powerful editor with lots of options!

You may modify your recorded gifs as well as gifs from other sources. Effective and integrated development with users’ needs. Clean and consistent interface, backed by WPF. Lots of options. You may even customize the recorder’s colors.

ScreenToGif Free & Open Source Download for Windows PC
ScreenToGif Free & Open Source Download for Windows PC

Features and characteristics

  • Use ScreenToGif to record your screen, webcam feed, or drawing board graphics.
  • Virtual Screen Recorder user interface. Just move this window on top of the content that you want to record.
  • The new recorder user interface allows you to click and drag to select an area of ​​your screen.
  • Switch to window and screen modes.
  • Use the record, pause, cancel, or stop buttons to control capture.
  • Capture frequency mode (manual, normal in fps, interval in fpm / fph).
  • To change what you wish to capture, drag or resize the window.
  • Write down the exact size of the capture area. ScreenToGif Free & Open Source Download
  • Drag and drop the crosshair button at the top of the window to move the recorder to capture it.
  • Selection mode, which lets you select an area, window, or entire screen to capture.
  • Use the record, pause, cancel, or stop buttons to control capture.
  • Specify the maximum number of frames per second to capture.
  • Resize the window to adjust the capture size.


  • The editor can edit your recordings and export them to gif, png, video, project, images, and PSD.
  • Start a new recording or open a media (videos or photos) or project file.
  • Insert a new recording or media file (video clips or images) into an existing project.
  • Open recent projects.
  • Export your project to GIF / APNG / Video / Image / PSD and others.


Basic controls
  • Undo, revert or reset your adjustments.
  • Copy, cut, and paste frames.
  • Choose numerous frames or navigate to a single frame.
  • Animation playback preview.
  • Frame manipulation
  • Delete the selected frames.
  • Remove duplicates.
  • Reducing the frame rate.
  • Delete all previous or next frames.
  • Apply yoyo (forward and backward) or slide the tires around.
  • Tire delay adjustment (override, increase/decrease, or scale).
  • Add title frames.
  • Add transitions (fade in or slip effects).
  • Image Processing.
  • Resize, crop or flip / rotate.
  • Add overlays
  • Captions / Text.
  • Graphics or shapes.
  • Keystrokes or mouse clicks.
  • Borders, Shadows, and Opacity (pixels).
  • Watermarks (choose your own image).
  • Cinemagraph (Select parts of the animation to remain still or move).
ScreenToGif Free & Open Source Download for Windows PC
ScreenToGif Free & Open Source Download for Windows PC

Technical Details

  • Software name: ScreenToGif
  • Category: Photos Editing Software
  • License: Open-source
  • File size: 3.5 MB
  • Operating systems: Windows XP / Vista + SP1 / 7/8/10 and others
  • Core: 32/64-bits
  • Languages: Supports many languages
  • Developer: Nicke Manarin
  • Official website:


Minimum system requirements

Check for the following system resources while running the program

  • Operating system: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / XP and others.
  • Memory (RAM): 2 GB or higher.
  • Hard disk: 20 MB free hard disk space.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or higher.

ScreenToGif Free & Open Source Download

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