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UsbFix Free Download 2022 – Repair and Clean Flash Disk

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UsbFix Free Download 2022 – Repair and Clean Flash Disk

UsbFix Free is a tool to remove malware and clean Flash Disk from malware, it helps you to detect and remove malicious software in the infected flash memory or in other external devices such as hard drives, smartphones, cameras, Or anything else connected to a laptop or computer via a USB port.

The main advantages of using this tool are the strong support from the manufacturer and the excellent features you provide (see below) that will help you deal with USB devices infected with viruses or malicious files and clean them Boas Of this wonderful program. You can Download UsbFix Free to Repair and Clean Flash Disk, The Latest Version.

UsbFix Free Download 2022 - Repair and Clean Flash Disk
UsbFix Free Download 2022 – Repair and Clean Flash Disk

Malicious and many viruses that have the ability to spread through USB removable devices by making their own DL and autorun.inf These file formats help to infect any external device connected by USB.

Therefore, it does not matter if you reinstall your operating system because the problem is in the infected flash and make the problem deeper if your antivirus program does not recognize the infected USB external devices, which makes it vulnerable to many types of viruses and malware.

With UsbFix Free you will get the solution and through the wonderful features, it provides you are able to deal with all external devices and completely cleaned up malware and viruses harmful.

The current version of this wonderful program supports all Microsoft systems Windows like Vista, 7, 8, and Windows 10. This is a simple overview of some features and characteristics of the program we show you at the bottom.


UsbFix Free Features

  • Excellent support directly from the software interface
  • It brings you the latest special news on the forum
  • Full support provides a full explanation of the program properties that will show you how to use the program and deal with malware.
  • You can detect and remove malware that it finds on USB removable devices.
  • Repair damaged files such as registry, hidden files, task manager, etc
  • Backup Support: It backs up your files and folders.
  • Update your database regularly to discover the latest malware that is spread by removable devices.
  • Prevents future infections by creating new autorun.inf files on removable drives
  • Provides protection for all USB peripherals (flash drives, external hard drives, smartphones, memory cards, etc.)
  • Detects and removes the most common threats such as viruses, worms, Trojans, key loggers, and other malware.
  • Opens the log file (txt) automatically after each scan.
UsbFix Free Download 2022 - Repair and Clean Flash Disk
UsbFix Free Download 2022 – Repair and Clean Flash Disk

Product Details

  • Category: System Security
  • Software name: UsbFix
  • Version: Latest
  • License: Free
  • File Size: 3.9 MB
  • Supports systems: Windows Vista + SP1 / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Languages: English and supported by many other languages
  • Developed company: Glarysoft Ltd
  • Official Website:

UsbFix Free Download 2022

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