Who Is St. Valentine & What Is the Truth of Valentine’s Day

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Who Is St. Valentine What Is the Truth of Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, everyone is rushing to buy roses and gifts to express his love for his current or future partner or for those who wish to be partners in his life. But who is Saint Valentine, and what is the truth of Valentine’s Day?

Like all other holidays, this day has become a consumptive aspect. Everyone sells and everyone buys and drinks the highest prices as if the feelings are seen only by the material dimension. This day turns into a “Big Bang”, as some say. But what is the story of this feast, and what is behind this consumption that consumes sinuses and hearts together; Is it really the 14th of February is Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day, and who is this Valentine?

Who Is St. Valentine & What Is The Truth of Valentine's Day
Who Is St. Valentine & What Is The Truth of Valentine’s Day

Who is Saint Valentine?

Valentine or Valentinus was a priest in Rome who lived in the third century AD under the reign of the pagan emperor Claudius, who persecutes the Christians because they do not worship Rome in his time. If the unrest began during the reign of the emperor in the Roman Empire, it was only decided to mobilize a great army to send him to the troubled places.

Claudius announced the state of alert and began to gather strong young men to join his army in an attempt to motivate them with money. But he did not receive a call because the Romanian youth who married did not want to leave his family and go to war as well as the single youth refused to leave his loved ones and who will be his future partner because he knew that the war will continue and may not return.

Who Is St. Valentine & What Is The Truth of Valentine's Day
Who Is St. Valentine & What Is the Truth of Valentine’s Day

Martyrdom of St. Valentine

For this reason, the emperor issued an order forbidding marriage in the empire and ordered that all existing sermons be disbanded. Thus, the young men began to go to war, and they were sad because they knew that they might not return to their homes and loved ones again. Here, the priest informed Valentin of the emperor’s decision.

He secretly invited everyone to his church and married them, two men and two Christians. It was not the emperor but the imprisonment of this priest, but Valentine did not stop spreading the faith in one God even in prison, the emperor has only issued an order to execute him and thus cut Valentine’s head. By tradition on the 4th of February month and in 476 A.D. The church declared it a saint.

For this red color on Valentine’s Day St. The church celebrates its martyrs in red. The Church celebrates St. Valentine’s Day. Valentine On July 6 St. Valentin is not only associated with love, but also with epilepsy, which in those days was considered insane or satanic.

He is the patron of epilepsy and especially the children of them for this we see in the canonical art photographer along with patients suffering from this disease.

(Google Translate) By Fr. Hanna Mansour (Zenit)

Who Is St. Valentine and What Is the Truth of Valentine’s Day – Real Story


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