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Wondershare SignX Professional Electronic Signature Platform

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Wondershare SignX Professional Electronic Signature Platform

Wondershare SignX (originally eSign +) is the most professional electronic signature platform! Quickly and safely sign your business documents anytime, anywhere! SignX 2.3.0 brings more great features to complement all of your electronic signature solutions. Close closed trades increase by more than 50% and workflow efficiency by more than 60%. Try for free!

Submit a document to multiple signers and ask them to sign the document independently. Manage multiple users in your admin account with ease. Reusable templates simplify your business process and save more time. Check out Wondershare SignX now!

The main advantage of using the e-signature service is the ease of access. Electronically signed documents are more suitable for dealing with those traditionally signed. However, accessibility still depends on the service you used to sign the document electronically.

DocuSign is one of the most popular electronic signature services on the Internet and in this article, we will look at how easy or difficult it is to access DocuSign documents. We’ll look at how to sign documents containing the DocuSign Access icon.

To ensure the security of your document and make the process easier and less confusing, you need an easier and better alternative to DocuSign. The best is Wondershare SignX and here are some reasons why you should choose Wondershare SignX on DocuSign.

Access to DocuSign documents depends on whether you registered for an account with DocuSign before signing a document. If you created a free account, just log in to your account using your email and password and the documents you registered for will be included in your account.

SignX lets you send, sign, and manage legally binding PDF documents from any device! Automate and simplify business-critical workflows easily with customer-facing documents.

You can complete approvals, agreements, and transactions faster by taking advantage of the comprehensive signature process. Save time, close deals faster, cut costs, and eliminate unnecessary costs for printing, scanning, and sending paper documents.

  • Apply legal and enforceable electronic signatures like handwritten ones.
  • Import any PDF file from your device or use your favorite file-sharing platforms like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and One Drive.
  • Apply user authentication with a secure end-to-end access code.
  • Upload or create realistic signatures, set signature fields, and send the document to multiple recipients.
  • Store, manage and access your documents securely from any device.
Wondershare SignX Professional Electronic Signature Platform
Wondershare SignX Professional Electronic Signature Platform


Reusable templates

Create and store reusable templates that can be easily customized for an individual recipient. Create visually fun documents with your personalized branding throughout the site experience.

Support for multiple users

Keep signatures moving and monitor ongoing deals in the comfort of your office or on the go. Access documents to sign and approve at any time on any device.

Bulk Send

Simply select the document you need to sign and add the bulk recipients to send the envelope separately to each signer at once. With the bulk submission feature, you can obtain signed documents from multiple signatories and obtain their signatures independently.

Encryption and password protection

Get the most powerful commercial SSL encryption protocols to keep your documents safe on the latest SSAE-16 and ISO 27001 certified data center with a robust disaster recovery plan.

Connect electronic signatures

Apply legal and enforceable electronic signatures like handwritten ones. We guarantee the highest level of compliance with the most demanding regulations by many countries around the world.

Wondershare SignX Professional

Wondershare SignX Professional Electronic Signature Platform
Wondershare SignX Professional Electronic Signature Platform

Real-time notifications

Get real-time alerts every time a document is opened, read, or signed. The dashboard gives you an overview of document status and sharing activities.

Seamless document editing

Get the tools you need to customize, edit, and deliver your documents. Prepare documents in real-time using simple drag-and-drop form fields.

Review tracks

Detailed records including the sender’s email address, time stamps, and IP addresses are attached to each signature request/response to demonstrate the ability to track site intent.

Central dashboard

Get a high-level overview of all of your account activities. Learn how many pending documents for approval, recipient’s view, and complete.

Two-factor documentation

Secure sensitive documents by setting a unique authentication access code. Password protection enables secure interaction between parties with your customers on any device.

Improved workflow

Simplify work processes and increase document productivity. Whether one or more users sign at one time or in a specific order, we have what you want.

On the clouds

Always be up-to-date, secure, and collaborative as often as you need – start the signature process in less than a minute from any device.

Wondershare SignX Professional Electronic Signature Platform

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