Home Teeth Whitening with Natural Recipes in Simple Ways


Home Teeth Whitening with Natural Recipes in Simple Ways

Greetings to all! Many of us are looking for different natural ways to whiten our teeth. How much our society needs to clean the heart and soul first before cleaning the outside and before whitening your teeth!

How much we need to clean our hearts and souls first and learn to live life in peace; to love and respect others even if we disagree with thought and faith! But the question is, when will our people rise to this level?! Let’s go back to our theme, and we’ll talk about some effective ways to benefit everyone in teeth whitening in general.

Home Teeth Whitening With Natural Recipes In Simple Ways
Home Teeth Whitening With Natural Recipes In Simple Ways

Teeth Whitening Methods

Everyone uses toothbrushes and toothpaste to clean their teeth and uses their granular paste; certainly, on a daily basis. This protects the teeth from decay, removes bacteria and smells the mouth, and makes the mouth smell fragrant all day long. But there are a lot of people wondering how to whiten my teeth and give them a brilliant, bright color.

You see a lot of people spending money in dental clinics and this gives them a lot of time, money, and effort because of the process of whitening teeth, but not only in one session, a lot of time and money. Therefore, we will present in this article several natural household products that greatly help in teeth whitening.

Home Teeth Whitening With Natural Recipes In Simple Ways
Home Teeth Whitening With Natural Recipes In Simple Ways

Natural tooth whitening products


Honey is considered to be one of the best natural ingredients in all cases and has innumerable benefits and benefits. It gives the teeth healthy and healthy and helps whiten them. So put a little natural honey on the toothbrush and mix it with the crazy, and this helps a lot because honey contains useful elements.


Lemon Juice

The researchers often spoke about the strength and effectiveness of this fruit because it contains useful substances and elements for humans. It is also useful in teeth whitening. Place the lemon juice, add a little salt in a bowl, mix the juice with salt, and then rinse with this natural solution for two minutes to a few minutes.

Period, because it helps a lot with teeth whitening and disinfection of bacteria. And also, you can benefit from the peel of a lemon or orange. It does not throw. The peel is useful in teeth whitening by rubbing teeth from the inside.


Oxygen water

Experts advise using it weekly to wash the mouth to cleanse it. It helps to remove most of the yellow spots as a result of smoking and food and helps in whitening the teeth and perfuming the mouth.


Salvia and Salt

You can make lotion from this plant; it helps a lot and is effective in whitening the teeth and treating inflamed ulcers in the gums. Preparation: Place the leaves of the sage and salt in a large container and grind it vigorously to become dough, then put the dough inside the oven to a moderate temperature to become solid and then take it out of the oven to cool and then sliced ​​well to become a powder and saved in a glass container tightly cover, and can be used weekly.



You can use it with a little water, mix it to become a liquid, and bathe. This solution for a period of two minutes to three minutes has proven this product to be effective in the removal of yellow spots and helps a lot in the whiteness and shine of teeth.

Home Teeth Whitening With Natural Recipes In Simple Ways
Home Teeth Whitening With Natural Recipes In Simple Ways

Laurel Leaves

The leaves of the laurel can also be used to whiten the teeth. You should grind the number of leaves after drying them and add a peel of lemon or orange to make it a paste. You can use it daily in tooth whitening, which has proved very effective after many experiments.


Mint Leaves

Also, this natural plant is useful in whitening the teeth with the use of a little of the original olive oil added to make the mint pot and grinding well. Adding a little oil and using this mixture in the tooth daily is very effective in removing stains and bleaching teeth.

There are many ways to help whiten teeth and treat them. We have developed the simplest and most natural household methods to help whiten teeth and give them health and beauty. Certainly, whoever wants to spend money and wants to speed up the treatment stays at his dentist’s consultation.

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Home Teeth Whitening with Natural Recipes in Simple Ways


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