My Atheist Friend, Where are You from Your Humanity?

My Atheist Friend, Where are You from Your Humanity?

I don’t know what resonance and impact this question has on you! Where are you from your humanity? We were created with love and for the sake of love, so do we live this love in our lives and follow it in our humanity?!

Where are we from this love that we were created with and for? Where are we from the sublime, benevolent, merciful, forgiving, merciful, compassionate love that is full of goodness? Where are we from this love that heals the wounded, heals the sick, raises the dead, pities the needy, extends a helping hand to every person, and has mercy on every sinner?

Where are we from this redeeming love that gave Himself by dying on the cross for the sake of His loved ones? Where are we from sacrifice, giving and giving with all credibility and sincerity, sincere giving emanating from the heart?

My Atheist Friend, Where are You from Your Humanity?
My Atheist Friend, Where are You from Your Humanity?

Alienation of existence

Where are we from extending a helping hand with a loving heart for every human being? Where are you from your humanity? Wake up and return to your humanity before it is too late, return to the nature with which you were created and for which, return to yourself and navigate your depths to return and realize that you are lost in the alienation of existence… lost in a world alien to your human nature.

Lost in the estrangement of the ego, the estrangement of selfishness, pride, self-worship, money and lusts, the estrangement of domination and control, the estrangement of atheism, division and partisanship, the estrangement of murder, terrorism, adultery, immorality, and prostitution, the estrangement of rape, transgression of taboos, killing of fetuses and trafficking in souls and organs, the estrangement of impurity and deviation On the foundations of values ​​and conscience.

You have been possessed by many corrupt evils, drowned in their swamps, and caught in their nets until you became their slave, and thus you have lost the humanity that you were created for and for… But the Lord, with His love and compassion for you, gave Himself for you when He carried our human nature to worship this for us. The man who lost his humanity and allowed sin to disfigure him and turn him into a predatory beast devoid of every characteristic befitting him to be a human being in the image of God…


Christ the Redeemer

Therefore, Christ the Redeemer came and gave Himself as a ransom for us in order to save us from the fire of eternal destruction. He shed His honorable blood on the cross in order to wash us with His pure blood from our sins and infirmities and give us to bear His nature, the nature of love and holiness, light and joy, pity, mercy and forgiveness, the nature of purity and chastity, building and giving, goodness and peace, the nature of a son and not a slave, a son means to be like My father carries all his qualities and walks in his footsteps!

Does man today carry the characteristics and behavior of Christ, who created him in his image and likeness? Or has this man lost his humanity and his sonship to God and become a robot driven by the corrupt software of this immoral, lustful, materialistic era?!


Back before it’s too late

Wake up, and return to the place for which you came to this world. Return to your humanity before it is too late. Return to the highest and greatest goal for which you were created! Return to your God with all your heart, soul, and mind… Return to the path of light and life!

Get up before it is too late and return to the single goal, the source of life and bounties, the source of love and peace… Surrender yourself to Him so that He may restore to you the humanity that Satan took from you. If all these disasters, earthquakes, floods, epidemics, wars, terrorism, famines, and revolutions, all this chaos in the world today will not bring you back to your Lord in order to restore your lost humanity and bring you back to Him! So what will bring you back then!?


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