Prayer in Times of Temptation to Seek Help from God


Prayer in Times of Temptation to Seek Help from God

the Lord is the refuge and fortress in times of trouble. Flee Him and do not flee from Him! Run towards him and ask for his help, for he is honest and truthful and will not neglect you!

This prayer presents a time of trials and tribulations to help the believer to be steadfast and patient with the help of the Holy Lord. Whenever you feel weak and tight in your life, come to the Lord and lay in His bosom and pray this prayer!


Let’s Pray!

Guide me, O Lord, in an everlasting way, and sustain me, because your kindness is marvelous. How great you are, a companion, a guarantor, and a faithful guarantor of the safety of the march of your children and your elect for life. Do not hide your face, but be a guarantor for everything that happens to me in the alienation of this world until I realize the land that you promised your lovers.

Yes, O Lord, when you have meditated tempted, you can help the tempted. Yes, Lord, your strength is perfected in weakness, and your grace suffices us and enriches us. I wish you would console me with the coming glory and encourage me with it amid the sufferings of this present time.

Not as the glory to come I wait for, but as being in me now and in the present time, and know me, O Lord, that this glory is prepared and stored up and awaits me.

I know that my request has reached you because this is the confidence we have in you. Let your will be done, O Lord, and not mine, because I do not know what I pray for, as I should, and help me to accept your will, my God, to do it and be pleased with it, and leave everything that contradicts my salvation, because I know that my requests that you reject by your divine providence are because you see what is good for me, but not as I want me but as you want.

Prayer in Times of Temptation to Seek Help from God
Prayer in Times of Temptation to Seek Help from God

You are my helper

May your will be, O Lord, for if it is fitting for you to suffer, and you are the head and complement of salvation, how much I should not choose for myself, but let your Holy Spirit lead me, so that sorrows do not approach me, but do all things for my good and my salvation.

You, O Lord, transform my punishment into salvation. ′You turn my bitterness into sweetness. You transform it with greatness, just as you transformed the furnace of young men, and it became a place of increasing wonder.

I am certain, O Lord, that the outcome of my affliction is within Your divine purpose, and it is among the deposit by which I guarantee Your good share and favor in eternal life and the balance of crowns… Do not delay, and soon my soul will perish and meet you, O leader and perfecter of faith.

O divine, wet agarwood, moisten me with the oil of your grace, train me to participate in your holiness, and see the joy that is prepared, and see the building of the house not made with hands, and the eternal when I take off my tent, for it is you, my master, who begins and ends everything concerning my salvation.

Preserve my soul, O Lord, as I preserved the soul of Your servant Job, for in Your hand, O Lord, is my command, and I wish I would present myself to You as You gave me yourself. Do not troubles touch my heart, nor my soul, nor my conscience, as the fire of the young furnace did not touch, nor did the lions devour the trust of your servant Daniel.


You are good, O Lord

For you are my fortress in the day of trouble. You know, O Lord, that I am one of those who trust in You, so save my soul with Your generous blood from the rounds of the enemy accusing me of. Deliver me from hours of trial and direct my steps in your way, that my feet may not slip, and set my feet upon the rock, and arrange my steps, O righteous and invisible ruler.

Turn my will toward the desire for your approval, that will that leans weak and perplexed, so that I may not fall, O Lord, help me so that I do not perish, and delight myself with your consolations, so that I do not dwell in hell.

Make my way easy before your face and guide me and open my eyes to see your wonders and your sweet judgments which are for my good, and teach me to work for goodwill.

For you are the worker in me, O Savior of the soul of the beloved, and O God, support this that you have done in me, showing your mercy and salvation, O You who raise up the fallen, loose the bound, rule the blind, care for the stranger, rescue the afflicted, comfort the afflicted, and deliver those in adversity.

Source: Coptic Orthodox Prayer Book


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Prayer in Times of Temptation to Seek Help from God

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