Prayer to Crush Evil Spirits and Expel Demons

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Prayer to Crush Evil Spirits and Expel Demons

My faithful brothers, we often encounter the devil’s warriors from every side and direction, in our home, our work, and their movements, we face challenges and difficulties. We from the community and the people surrounding us in all our work. We have to bear it! Watch out and beware of Satan’s traps!

There are many traps that he places on the sides of your path to prevent you from reaching your goal and gaining eternal and holy life with the One who loved you to death on the cross. Always pray this prayer to crush evil spirits and break all kinds of evils. Do not hold back or give up and fall into despair or enemy traps! Take up your cross and strive! Be sure that with the cross you will be victorious.


Let’s Pray

Our Father in Heaven, I love you, I praise you, I worship you, and I thank you. Because you sent Jesus your son, who conquered sin and death and saved me. Because you also sent your Holy Spirit, who strengthens me, guides me, and sanctifies me.

For Mary, my heavenly Mother, who intercedes for me with the angels and the saints. I prostrate myself before your cross, Lord God Jesus Christ, cover me with the precious blood that flowed from your holy heart and your holy wounds.


Prayer to Crush Evil Spirits and Expel Demons

Cleanse me, Jesus, with the living water that flows from your heart. Lord Jesus, I ask you to direct your holy light on me. Heavenly Father, let my healing water of baptism go back in time to the blood of my mother and father’s family to cleanse my whole family from evil and from sin.

I prostrate before You, I ask You, Father, to forgive me, my parents, and my grandfathers, for every supplication for the power of making them in contrast with You, or not rendering the true honor in the name of Jesus Christ.

I declare, in the holy name of Jesus and by the power of this name: that if anything concerning me (material or spiritual) is still under the dominion of Satan, it has now returned to the authority of Jesus Christ.

Show me, Father, the power of your Holy Spirit, if I have to forgive someone, or have a sin that I have not confessed. Make me aware, O Father, of those aspects that do not please you in my life, or those loopholes and ways that made it easier for Satan to penetrate my life.


I lay before you, O Father

Every dereliction of forgiveness; I lay before you all my faults, I lay before you all the means the evil one uses to control my life. Thank you, Father, for these revelations. Thank you for your forgiveness and love.

Let your Son Jesus, Heavenly Father, come now and the Holy Spirit, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the angels, and the saints, to protect me from all evil. And to prevent every evil spirit from taking revenge on me and that which concerns me.

In the name of the Most Holy Jesus, I imprint myself and my family with Precious Blood in this room (home, church, car, plane, seat, etc., and all kinds of food). It is repeated ‘3’ times: to the Father, to the Son, to the Holy Spirit ‘I am bound’ + In your most holy name. O Lord Jesus, all the evil pairs that are in the air and in the water, on earth and under the earth and in hell.

Prayer to Crush Evil Spirits and Expel Demons
Prayer to Crush Evil Spirits and Expel Demons

Prayer to crush evil spirits and expel demons

‘Cuffed’ + in the name of Jesus Christ also, all the supreme commanding bodies of the wicked; I implore the Precious Blood + of Jesus on the air, on the air, and on the water, on the earth and on its fruits, on all that surrounds us, under the earth and in the underworld.

I command all these malicious spirits to depart before Your Holy Cross without declaring themselves, and not to offend me or any human being, so that you, O Lord, may act on me according to Your holy will.

In the Most Holy Name of Jesus, I destroy + and dissolve + every curse and every evil eye, every sorcery, every ‘battalion’, every intrigue, every gossip, every obstacle, every betrayal, every fantasy, every known evil.

Every sinister and non-hereditary spirit, Every disability and illness is because of my slips and mistakes. In the name of Jesus, I ‘cut off’ the continuity of every evil undertaking, every bondage, every spiritual bond, and every work of hell. (×3)

In the name of Jesus he stopped + and dissolved + all connections and bonds and their results: with astrologers, clairvoyants, visionaries, psychics, with sorcerers, with false lips, with palmistry; With the followers of the ‘New-Age’ movement; withˆ all those who deal with the world of the unseen and the unseen: crystal, tea leaves, a cup of coffee, divination withˆ playing cards or clairvoyance and tarot paper, as well as all connections with indicative spirits, sorcerers and charlatans with satanic rites, necromancy, astrologers and witches; With Vaudou, Macumba, or others.

Yes, in the name of Jesus, I reject + destroy + all the effects and influences of attending mediation sessions, conjuring up evil spouses, reading horoscopes, and using mandalas. Automatic talismans, any hidden magical attribute or combination (raqwa), and every form of Christ do not advance beliefs. Glory and glory befitting his divine majesty alone. (×3) I beg of you, Holy Spirit, to reveal to me every negative spirit that is stuck in me, about me, or in my way of life.


Period of silence

In Jesus’ name, I forsake you, Spirit. I command you to turn at once to Jesus, without evasiveness, and ‘turn and turn’ and not to hurt me or any other human being; And Jesus disposes of you according to His holy will. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for your love. And for the Holy Spirit who made me offensive to Satan and evil spirits. I thank you, Jesus, for you have set me free.

I thank you, Mary, for interceding with angels and saints for me. Grant me, O Lord Jesus, with love and compassion, with faith and kindness, with hope and humility, with joy and virtuous character, with light and purity, with certainty and confidence and prudence and prudence and wisdom. Strengthen me to walk in your light and truth, enlightened by the Holy Spirit. Praise, honor, and glorify God the Father, now and forever. Because you are,

Lord Jesus, ‘the way, the truth, and life” (John 6:14). I came so that we might have life, and that it might be abundant” (John 10:10). ‘Behold, God is my salvation, so I am at peace, and I am not afraid. The Lord is my strength and my praise, for it has been my salvation.’ (Is 12:2) ‘Illuminated by the Holy Spirit, I praise and glorify God the Father, and the Son our Savior now and forever. Amen, hallelujah.

Written by Father Robert de Grandes (Google Translate)


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Prayer to Crush Evil Spirits and Expel Demons

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