Purify Your Hearts from Sin and Lift Them Up to God


Purify Your Hearts from Sin and Lift Them Up To God

Purification of the heart and soul is an act of righteousness and holiness that we derive from the Holy Spirit to purify, purify, and guide us. What is the message and what did the Virgin Mary say to Mirjana when she begged the believers by saying purify your hearts from sin and raise it to God!


My Beloved Children

With a full heart, I ask you, my children, I beg of you: purify your hearts from sin and lift them up to God and to eternal life. I beg you: be vigilant and open to the truth. Do not allow all earthly things to keep you from realizing the truth of contentment in fellowship with Jesus Christ My Son.

I lead you on the path of true wisdom, because only through true wisdom can you come to know true peace and true good. Do not waste time asking for signs from the Heavenly Father, for He has already given you the greatest sign: He is Jesus Christ My Son.

Therefore, my children, pray that the Holy Spirit may lead you to the truth and that he may help you come to know it. And that by knowing that truth, you will be able to be one with the Heavenly Father and with Jesus Christ My Son. This is the knowledge that bestows happiness on earth and opens the door to eternal life and boundless love. Thank you all.

Purify Your Hearts from Sin and Lift Them Up to God
Purify Your Hearts from Sin and Lift Them Up to God

Prayer to Mary, Our Lady of Fatima

Most Holy Virgin Mary, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, you were pleased to appear to the children of Fatima and reveal to them a glorious message. We urge you to fill our hearts with an ardent love for the recitation of the Rosary.

By contemplating the mysteries of salvation that we remember in them, we hope to obtain the graces and virtues that we ask for, through the merits of Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Savior. Trustworthy.


Prayer to Mary, Help of Christians

O Immaculate Most Holy Virgin, Help of Christians, we place ourselves under your maternal protection. Throughout the history of the Church, you have helped Christians in times of trial, adversity, and danger.

Prove time and time again that you are the refuge of sinners, the hope of the hopeless, the comforter of the afflicted, and the aid of disputants on the verge of death. We promise to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ your Son, to proclaim His Good News of God’s love for all people, and to work for peace and justice in our world.

Trusting in your intercession, we pray for the Church, for our families and friends, for the poor and the outcast, and all those in conflict. Grant us, Mary, the Help of Christians, the graces we need (mention your intentions) as we hope to serve Jesus faithfully and lovingly unto death. Help us and our loved ones to attain the infinite joy of being with our Father in Heaven forever. Amen. (google translate)


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Purify Your Hearts from Sin and Lift Them Up To God


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