RetroShare Best Secure Connections 2024 Free with Friends


RetroShare provides encrypted connections to your friends. No one can spy on you. RetroShare is completely decentralized. This means there are no centralized servers. It is completely open-source and free. There are no costs, no ads, and no service terms.


Revive Your Social Life with RetroShare!

It is a network of computers. We call the contact point and each user has their connection code. The exact location (IP address) of the connection points is known only to the neighbors.

You invite someone to become a neighbor by sending the public key to you. Forums use aliases to identify people. The nickname system uses encryption keys to verify that messages come from specific authors. Alias’s ​​information goes wherever the forum publication goes.

If you send a message to a user, the system delivers it to its node by searching for it by redirecting it through a series of adjacent nodes. If you want a specific file, ask your node for neighbors and ask the turn of their neighbors. All in all, it is a very good alternative to the standard DC application.

RetroShare Best Secure Connections 2024 Free with Friends
RetroShare Best Secure Connections 2024 Free with Friends



Send text and images. Discuss with different people in chat rooms. Express your feelings with a rich smile. Use remote chat to chat securely with friends of friends. Also, it enables you to make private connections with your contacts. You can create private chat rooms, where only you and your contacts can see the messages.

You can also choose to make your chat rooms public, allowing anyone in the network to view your conversations. With it, you can share files, photos, and videos with your contacts securely. This ensures that your data stays safe and secure.

Audio and Video

Make free and secure calls using the VoIP plug-in. Connect face-to-face with a video call. Share photos, files, documents, and more using the file transfer feature. Keep conversations in sync with messages and video chat. Enjoy crystal-clear audio with advanced sound cancellation technology.

Experience lag-free streaming and smooth video playback with the latest codecs. Create and join group conversations with up to 20 participants. Record and share your audio and video calls. Keep the conversation going with Mobile and Desktop Apps.


Send encrypted messages to other members of the network. You can store encrypted messages on friends’ connection points to deliver messages while offline. It also supports encrypted file transfers, which can be used to securely share files with other users in the network.

Files are encrypted before they are sent, ensuring that only the intended recipient can decrypt and view the contents of the files. Provides a chat system that allows users to chat with each other in real-time, with all messages being encrypted before they are sent.

Share Files

Share files with your friends or with the entire network. Use Search to find files. It is similar to BitTorrent, to speed up downloads. This makes it possible to share large files of 1 GB or more. Anonymous tunnels protect your privacy. Only your friends can see which files you are downloading.

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RetroShare Best Secure Connections 2024 Free with Friends
RetroShare Best Secure Connections 2024 Free with Friends


You can read and write forum posts offline. This is perfect as you move. When you have an Internet connection, you will automatically synchronize the forums with your friends. Decentralized forums resist censorship by design. It includes a built-in search feature to allow you to quickly find the topics and posts of interest to you.

You can also subscribe to a forum to get notifications whenever a new post is made. You can even create your forums and invite your friends to join them. Complete control over the topics that you discuss and the people that you interact with.



Share your favorite links. Find out any links like others. Vote and discuss links. Create a list of the best links that others have shared. Share your list with others, so they can explore the links and find out what they like.

Ask others to vote on the links to see which is the most popular. Generate discussion around the shared links and get feedback from others. Use the feedback to improve the list and make it better. Finally, publish the list for others to enjoy.



Publish files on channels. Subscribe to channels and download the latest files automatically. Comment on files and post them to your friends. Use channels to keep up to date with the latest versions of files, or to collaborate on projects with friends.

Create a channel for a specific project and invite all the members to join and contribute. Keep a history of all the files that have been shared on the channel, so you can easily go back and find the files you need.


Protect Your IP with Tor / I2P

Need to hide from Internet monitoring. Can you not reach out to your friends because of censorship? Need to bypass the firewall. Use Tor to hide the connection between you and your friends.

You can also use I2P for anonymous communication. It works similarly to Tor, but it is specifically designed for anonymous peer-to-peer communication. I2P is also a great way to protect your IP address and keep your online activities private and secure. Using these two tools together can give you a much better level of security and privacy than using either one on its own.

✅ Also available for Mac / Linux

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RetroShare Best Secure Connections 2024 Free with Friends
RetroShare Best Secure Connections 2024 Free with Friends


RetroShare stands out as a unique and promising application in today’s digital landscape. Its emphasis on privacy, security, and decentralized communication sets it apart from mainstream social platforms. By employing advanced encryption techniques and peer-to-peer connections, it offers users the ability to communicate, share, and collaborate within a trusted and private network.

While it offers several advantages, such as secure messaging, file sharing, and forums, it’s important to note that its decentralized nature can also pose challenges, particularly in terms of initial setup and adoption. Users might find it slightly more complex to navigate than centralized alternatives. However, for those who prioritize privacy and control over their data, the learning curve is certainly worth the benefits.

In conclusion, RetroShare offers a glimpse into a more private and secure digital future. Its commitment to user privacy, decentralized architecture, and encrypted communication makes it a commendable choice for individuals seeking an alternative to mainstream social networks. As technology and society continue to evolve, solutions remind us of the importance of safeguarding our online interactions while staying connected.


Technical Details

  • Software name: RetroShare
  • Category: Participation Software
  • Version: The latest
  • License: Open Source
  • File size: 23.3 MB
  • Operating systems: Windows, Mac OSX, GNU / Linux, Android
  • Languages: Multilingual
  • Developer: RetroShare Team
  • Official website:

Download RetroShare Best Secure Connections


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