Rules of Survival Direct Download for Windows PC and Mac

Rules of Survival Direct Download for Windows PC and Mac

Rules of Survival for PC is a war-fighting video game based on survival that allows all PC users to immerse themselves in the tactical and strategic genre of battle royale games.


Rules of Survival

Built on top of the foundation built by industry pioneers such as the Battlegrounds of Player Unknown and Fortnite Battle Royale, they have brought many technologies that can help players feel the atmosphere, suspense, and tactical gameplay at an entirely new level.  You can download the game directly from the official website at the end of the explanation!

Originally released on Android and iOS, this PC port allows desktop and laptop users alike to enhance the core gameplay of this mobile title and present it in a whole new light, unlocking access to the best possible display performance and customizing inputs that can lead the way. Towards the final victory.

Rules of Survival Direct Download
Rules of Survival Direct Download

Rules of Survival Features

The core gameplay isn’t much different from traditional Battle Royale games. The army of 120 multi-player users jumps from the plane to the big island, as they have to secure equipment and resources, fight among themselves, jump important offensive/defensive/exploration tactical options, avoid the damage caused by the ever-shrinking active play area, and ultimately fight for the title of the sole survivor.

In addition to marching towards the next hot battle zone, players are also encouraged to take full advantage of the various ground vehicles scattered across the island. The items are separated into traditional classes of armor, melee weapons, and a wide range of weapons, such as Pistols, SMGs, assault rifles, and snipers. Rules of Survival Direct Download 

In addition to the most popular single-player mode, Rules of Survival can also be enjoyed in 2-player (Duo), 4-player (Squads), and 5-player (Fireteam) modes. The game features two distinct maps – the 4.8 km x 4.8 km Gili Island optimized for 120 players and the Fearless, Fiord, which can host an army of over 300 active players.

Supporting such many players can be exhilarating and overwhelming, providing PC players with an experience that they cannot find in any other Battle Royale game currently released. Just be aware that the game is actively promoting in-game purchases of coins that can be used to unlock many coins.

Thanks to fewer device requirements and origins of growth that took smartphone hardware into account, PC Survival Rules can now work on a range of desktops and laptops, including very old computers that cannot handle other modern Battle Royale experiences.

Rules of Survival Direct Download
Rules of Survival Direct Download

System Requirements

  • CPU: Intel Core I5-6500
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960
  • Pixel shader: 5.1
  • Free Disk Space: 4 GB
  • Video RAM: 2048 MB


Technical Details
  • Category: Games
  • Program name: Rules of Survival
  • License: Freeware
  • The latest version
  • File size: 4.3 GB
  • Kernel: 32/64-bits
  • Operating systems: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, Mac, and other systems
  • Languages: Multilingual
  • Developer: NetEase, Inc
  • Official website:

Download Rules of Survival Direct for Windows/Mac


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