Yesterday I Was Your Savior But Now I Am Your Judge


Yesterday I Was Your Savior but Now I Am Your Judge

Have you ever pondered the profound transformation that occurs when Jesus, who was once regarded as our Savior, assumes the role of our Judge? This transition carries significant theological implications and underscores the duality of Jesus’ divine nature.

In this article, we will delve into the multifaceted nature of Jesus, exploring the shift from Savior to Judge and the implications it holds for our lives and spiritual journey.

A young woman committed a crime and was sent to court. The penalty for the crime was life imprisonment. Tears were shed for help, but no one could help. When she was called to the case in court, she started crying. Her family and friends who accompanied her also started crying, but there was no hope.

But something strange happened. Before the young lady went up to stand on the witness stand, a man stood up and the courtroom was silent. Everyone looked at him. He was noble and kind. He stood at the witness stand and mediated on behalf of the woman. The case was very difficult, but he used all his strength, energy, and resources to fight on behalf of the woman.

Yesterday I Was Your Savior but Now I Am Your Judge
Yesterday I Was Your Savior But Now I Am Your Judge

After a long legal battle between the man, the case, and the court, the woman was released. The lady stood in front of the man and asked, ‘Who are you!?’ You did not hear the answer!

But the next day she came back, and the lady deliberately committed another crime and was sent to the same court. As soon as she entered the courtroom, she saw the man who had interceded for her the day before on the bench. But the irony that occurred today is that he is no longer a lawyer, but a judge.

‘I came again,’ said the lady, with a smile on her face. The man raised his head and said, ‘Yesterday I was your attorney, so I fought for you even though you were guilty.’ But today I am a judge and my judgment must be fair. With tears in the lady’s eyes, she asked for the second time, ‘Who are you?’! The man replied,

‘Yesterday I was your savior. But now I am your judge’. 


My beloved brothers and sisters!

Today, Jesus Christ is our Advocate and Savior, but the day will come when He will give just judgment and be the judge of all.

Jesus is coming soon, so prepare to meet Him.


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The Savior: Yesterday’s Role of Jesus

Yesterday, Jesus was undoubtedly our Savior, the embodiment of love, compassion, and salvation. He walked among us, extending his grace to heal the broken-hearted, forgive sins, and offer eternal life to all who believed in him. Jesus’ ministry on Earth was characterized by mercy, as he taught the importance of loving one another, caring for the marginalized, and seeking righteousness.

During his earthly ministry, Jesus demonstrated his role as the Savior through numerous miracles and teachings. He healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, and even raised the dead. Moreover, he preached the good news, calling people to repentance and offering them the gift of eternal life through faith in him. Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross became the ultimate act of redemption, reconciling humanity with God and paving the way for salvation.


The Judge: Jesus’ Present Role in our Lives

But what happens when the Savior assumes the role of the Judge? Today, Jesus stands as the righteous Judge, tasked with evaluating our lives and dispensing justice accordingly. This shift highlights the inevitability of divine judgment and the ultimate accountability we have for our choices and actions.

As the Judge, Jesus examines the intentions of our hearts, weighing our deeds against the moral standards outlined in his teachings. He discerns between right and wrong, good and evil, rewarding those who have lived faithfully and condemning those who have rejected his offer of salvation. This transition from Savior to Judge reveals the fullness of Jesus’ authority and the culmination of God’s plan for humanity.


The Paradox of Love and Judgment

The concept of Jesus as both Savior and Judge may seem contradictory at first glance. How can the same person embody unconditional love and grace, while also executing judgment? However, a closer examination reveals the inherent harmony between these two roles.

Jesus’ love compels him to offer salvation freely to all who believe in him. His sacrifice on the cross serves as the ultimate act of love, demonstrating his willingness to bear the burden of our sins. Through His grace, we are justified and welcomed into God’s family. This love remains steadfast even in his role as Judge, as it is grounded in his desire for humanity to live in alignment with God’s perfect plan.

The judgment Jesus administers is not a cruel or arbitrary punishment. Rather, it is a just evaluation of our choices and actions. His judgments are rooted in truth, righteousness, and divine wisdom. Jesus’ role as the Judge ensures that justice is served, and all accounts are settled by God’s perfect standards. In this sense, judgment is an essential aspect of love, for it upholds the order and fairness established by God.


The Implications for Our Lives

Understanding the transition from Savior to Judge holds profound implications for our lives. It reminds us of the importance of living by God’s teachings and striving for righteousness. While the Savior extends his grace to forgive our sins, it is our responsibility to respond to that grace by living transformed lives.

We are called to embrace the teachings of Jesus, to love one another, and to pursue holiness. We are to show compassion to the marginalized, extend forgiveness to those who wrong us, and seek justice in our interactions with the world.

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Our actions and choices matter as they will be weighed on the scales of divine judgment. This realization compels us to take our faith seriously and to live with integrity, knowing that one day we will stand before Jesus as our Judge.


In the end

The transition from Savior to Judge is a reminder of the holistic nature of Jesus’ mission. He came to save us from our sins and offer us eternal life, but he also calls us to live in obedience to his teachings. The tension between love and judgment underscores the gravity of our choices and the eternal significance of our relationship with him.

So, let us embrace the transformative power of Jesus’ love and grace, allowing it to shape our lives and guide our actions. Let us live with the awareness that yesterday Jesus was our Savior, but today he is our Judge. May we strive to honor him in all that we do, knowing that one day we will give an account of our lives before him.


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Yesterday I Was Your Savior but Now I Am Your Judge

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