Avro Keyboard Free Download 2022 for Windows, Mac & Linux

Avro Keyboard Free Download 2022 for Windows, Mac & Linux Avro Keyboard is a productivity tool and font that can fully customize the keyboard to support typing using the Hindi or Bengali character set. The Avro Keyboard has been designed for several years, has been upgraded with the most demanding features of society, and is the perfect way to transform a standard American 101 keyboard or regular British keyboard into one of the many keyboard layouts used in the Indian subcontinent.  


The Avro Keyboard Integrated dictionary

With the support of the Bengali dictionary, types of 150 thousand words, and the feature of automatic correction.  

Customizable mode switch

Switch between the system keyboard and the Bengali keyboard using any of the F1-12 keys.  

Writing from English to Bangla phonetically

Take advantage of modern and modern English for Bengali phonetic writing.  

Bengali writing faster

With Bengali web tools, you’ll never need to switch manually between fonts or character layouts.  

Input language / Input language support

Enable Bengali keyboard support on any version of Windows, regardless of Windows language settings.

Download Avro Keyboard Free 2022 for Windows, Mac & Linux
Download Avro Keyboard Free 2022 for Windows, Mac & Linux
The easy audio conversion scheme

Program writing application that supports multi-year experience in dealing with voice conversion schemes.  

Convert your keyboard to a Bangla keyboard

It takes full control of the keyboard, becoming your main writing interface with the operating system.  

Customizable interface

Use the built-in keyboard designer to make your typing look unique.  

Layout viewer

Display the virtual keyboard on the screen any time you want.  

Dual interface modes

Access to the Avro Keyboard via either a floating toolbar or a system tray icon.  

Integrated lines

All necessary fonts are provided and installed on the initial startup.

  • Support for AutoCorrect in MS Word.
  • Compatible with all recent versions of Windows (XP and later),
  • 100% free!
Avro Keyboard Free Download 2022 for Windows, Mac & Linux
Avro Keyboard Free Download 2022 for Windows, Mac & Linux
Installation and use

After installation, Avro Keyboard will allow you to customize your keyboard and convert it into a very reliable tool for writing and editing Bengali text. Prabhat, Munir Optima, Avro Easy, Bornona, or Jaya language support comes without having to manually install any fonts – all necessary fonts will be installed on your Windows operating system during the initial setup. After activation, the app will launch as a small floating toolbar at the top of the screen. Within this toolbar, you have access to many tools that will enable you to improve how the new keyboard layout works accurately.

These tools include the keyboard layout picker (which even includes automatic translation from Avro Phonetic from English to Bengali), the switch to activate the on-screen keyboard that will display Bengali characters, mouse click and type tool, a full character layout viewer.

Keyboard layout creator with support for presets, skin designer that will make your on-screen keyboard unique, settings screen featuring hundreds of customizations arranged in the eight tabs (general, interface, and universal shortcut keys, Language/language, Avro audio, Avro Mouse, fixed layouts and universal output). It supports the English to Bengali voice writing function with a floating preview to translate any Bengali word. Avro comes with a highly usable built-in dictionary for checking spelling errors. Finally, the app supports Unicode to Bijoi text Converter, font installer, and even iComplex script support. ✅ Also available for Mac and Linux as well as the Portable version  

Technical Details
  • Software name: Avro Keyboard
  • Categories: Utility Tools
  • License: Freeware
  • Version: latest
  • File size: 6.7 MB
  • Core: 32/64-bit
  • Operating systems: All Windows, Mac, and Linux systems
  • Languages: Multilanguage
  • Developer: OmicronLab
  • Official site: omicronlab.com

Download Avro Keyboard Free 2022


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