Christian Reflections Sail with Her to the Spirit World


Christian Reflections Sail with Her to the Spirit World, silence, and peace above the wings of angels, to see from the top the joy of life, flying in the horizons of a world out of sight. You see only in the vision of the soul and see it only with the light of God.


I Chose Your Love

I know that with a tender touch of your hands, you can turn my life around to you. But you allowed all that fear and anxiety so that I could feel that I chose your love of my own free will.

Now I realize that from the depth of your love for me, you left me the freedom of choice without interference from you, and without forcing me into this love. Now I realize that I love you freely and voluntarily, there is no meaning in love imposed on us as the law of fate.

Now I felt the strength that you let me feel, and then the decision to love was my decision. I allowed so many pains in my life to feel the value of my choosing to love you. You allowed a lot of anxiety in my heart, but your decision remained that you love me. Because of this, you began to teach me to love little by little, so that I realized the depths of love and explored its wonderful horizons myself without interference from you.

But in spite of this, you loved me because you left me the freedom to choose your love, that is the greatness of your love, that you waited for me so long to choose love freely and freely.

Christian Reflections Sail with Her to the Spirit World
Christian Reflections Sail with Her to the Spirit World

I’m Leaving for You

I have left you for a long time, and whenever longing calls me, I search for joy with you, I search with you, and I behold a spring rippling with joy and winter of goodness. And a paradise of waterfalls, of gifts and tenderness that flows from you to wipe the tears and to sow hope in my barren fields in the barren desert of my life. So open the windows of my heart, and you will be the secret of my existence.

Here are the hymns of my longing for you, traveling to the extent, except for the pink, embracing the waves of the sea, falling under the throne of your glory. So your melodies embrace my melodies, the angels rise in the sacred horizons, and my heart becomes in an endless wedding because your hands encircle my life on that sad evening.


My God, How Beautiful You Are

You looked at me from the heights of your glory, O holy one, and you wrapped me among the piles of my confusion, trying to understand the secrets of existence. So you sent your messages to my heart, all of which was calling me to love, and from where a weak person like me can understand the secrets of your greatness!

You saw me crumpled over my sadness, lost among various thoughts, and my pent-up tears told the story of a heart that had lost its way to the unknown. Kind lord! You called me your holy love! How can I respond to that great call? How can a little boy like me love you?

You looked at me and found me singing to your tales of love with songs whose words remained frightened and trembling in front of your great calling. How I love you and you are love! What do I give you of my love when you own everything around me so that you own from me all the minutes of myself?

My heart still beats agitated before this delicious invitation. But you took pity on my weakness and my confusion and extended your tender hand to me, to show me the path of great love.

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You removed the cloud of mystery from my heart to look at all the crowds sitting on the path of your salvation, because my love for them became my way to you, O Great. Now, I realize that in others lies the call of your holy love.


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Christian Reflections Sail with Her to the Spirit World

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