Did You Know That Laughter is Medicine For Many Diseases?


Did You Know That Laughter is Medicine For Many Diseases?

How effective is laughter in an individual’s life, and how does it leave a positive impact on his or her life? I will leave you with this article titled” Did you know that laughter is a medicine for many diseases? It will certainly take a lot of benefits to learn the secret of laughter and its benefits in your life.



In a time when laughter has been reduced, and sadness has been replaced by wars, many are still seeking happiness, seeking medicine that relieves them of their sorrows and alleviates their suffering. How long will humanity remain under the weight of wars and conflicts and the destruction and destruction of human life?

We see the suffering of the lady’s position and the human suffering under the pain and from rushing behind the medicine to alleviate this suffering. This is why people spend millions of dollars every year to heal. But man neglects the fundamental issues inherent in him that God has given him to be the strength and help him to continue despite all the difficult conditions he suffers.

Within every human being, there is a healing power that is the source of happiness and well-being. There is a place where hiding this hidden treasure, which many!

It is the magic factory that produces effective medicine to eliminate many diseases in our lives. But you first have to discover and motivate him and urge him to carry out his duties and the performance of his role in different ways in full and will do what did not occur to you. One of these means laughing!

Did You Know That Laughter is Medicine For Many Diseases?
Did You Know That Laughter is Medicine For Many Diseases?

Laughter Therapy and Healing

A lot of research and studies have shown that the physiological characteristics of laughter are a cure for healing. Many mental, mental, and even physical diseases have failed to achieve much medicine.

Laughter is the first inherited instinct in man and is one of the means of convergence and human communication throughout history through which we convey the image inside us. Images frankly bear joy and tenderness to draw closer hearts and build bridges of convergence and solidarity between human beings.

It is understood the benefits of the power inherent in it and the effectiveness of laughter and its physiological benefits on humans. Then he would rush to this inner place to get out of the panacea. Which is the laughter that emanates from his heart in the treatment of tension and anxiety, which is the first enemy of man around the world, and millions die every year. There, there are two types, positive and negative types. One lies in the human mind.

Positive tension is all that makes us laugh at weddings, social events, and parties. The hormones go down, and you feel the human state of exhilaration and calm. While in the case of negative tension, it increases the secretion of large amounts of stress hormones that have harmful effects.

The killer of humans increases blood pressure, heart problems and obesity weakens the immune system in the body and raises the rate of sugar, all caused by nervous and negative tensions in the human body.

Did You Know That Laughter is Medicine For Many Diseases?
Did You Know That Laughter is Medicine For Many Diseases?

Negative and Positive Nervous Tension

Negative stress causes damage to the human body through signals being sent from the brain to the pineal gland; in return, it is in turn sent to the gland above the renal and, in this case, increases the proportion of secretion of stress hormones dangerously; causing significant damage to the human body and in some cases leading to the inevitable death from heart attacks or paralysis.

In the case of laughter and joy and our good feeling of happiness and happiness, this wonderful force that lies within us interferes with the flow of these signals, preventing them from reaching the two. Thus, far away from the human body and protecting it from the consequences of what the hormones may leave a negative impact.

Some scientific studies specialized in the studies of laughter. Which is done by a team of experts at the University of Linda, California under the supervision of Dr. Liberty is the first treatment for lowering blood pressure. And helps stimulate blood circulation, and also increases the amounts of oxygen in the lungs and this helps improve the functions of the heart and the overall physical condition in humans.


Laughter Helps Heal Heart Disease

Dr. Liber and his team treated 48 patients with heart disease. It has proven to be effective in 30 percent of the treatment of heart disease, has helped reduce the number of drugs that are taken by patients, and also contributed to reducing stress and chest pain and widening the arteries.

According to doctors, anyone can find inside the hidden treasure for the treatment of many diseases and problems is laughter. According to the latest scientific research, scientists said their study that laughter a hundred times has been equivalent in physiological effects to what a tennis man might do for half an hour. This is why we see in many developed countries special laughter clubs built next to sports clubs, and many people are registered in these clubs and practice daily laughter.

Did You Know That Laughter is Medicine For Many Diseases?
Did You Know That Laughter is Medicine For Many Diseases?

Laughter Gives You Joy and Life

If laughter is the panacea for many diseases and has great psychological, mental, and social benefits, a Smile makes you happy and makes sure that you live, and that you have life. Because laughter adds to the flavor of joy and life. Live with enthusiasm and hope and remove fear and anxiety. Wake up this sleeping genius and let him do what you could not do with a lot of medicine.

How beautiful it is that our days are full of spontaneous smiles and laughter because true love stems from the heart. As well as the laughter that carries the healing origin of the heart. I always carry this laugh to everyone around me. It opens the doors of the world, not the sword and wars entering hearts and planting joy and happiness; but laughter and smiles.

Let it be your weapon to keep away from the weapon of humiliation and humiliation that leads to insulting those who touch them, without giving rise to benefits compared to innocent laughter, which has a beautiful effect on everyone’s hearts. It reflects your health, joy, and activity. I wish you lasting laughter and true happiness, away from depression and sadness.

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Did You Know That Laughter is Medicine For Many Diseases?


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