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Learning to Write a Successful Story or Book Easily


Learning to Write a Successful Story or Book Easily

Whether you are writing a short story, novel, book, or post. You always need a distinctive idea. Writing a story in a good way is essential to writing anything you want. A good story helps you plan for writing and interest in writing titles that will help you to consistently write an amazing story or story.

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with good story ideas. But by trying to take advantage of the following tips you can really get good story ideas; that you can use in the present and in the future. These tips and techniques have helped me reach many ideas for all the stories, articles, and novels I’ve written.

Learning to Write a Successful Story or Book Easily
Learning to Write a Successful Story or Book Easily

Some Tips to come up with good story ideas


Distinctive ideas constantly

When your ideas blow through you, write them without hesitation. The best way to generate ideas is to do it continuously; non-stop. Our minds work in two stages, one of which is the creative stage, the other is the audit phase.

In the creative stage create ideas, plans, etc. In the auditory stage, the mind analyzes and checks to see if the ideas you have created are good enough or if they need to be refined at any disposal and throw them. 

The creative stage is sometimes known as writing from the heart and the auditory phase is sometimes known as writing from the head or mind. Even when you create ideas, it is best to extract them constantly from the heart instead; of checking them in the mind as when you start to check them, you will get a huge number of good ideas. Learning to Write

So I create ideas freely without any effort at first to scrutinize them. Concentrate on many ideas you can write, even if some are not good enough and when you finish writing them, then catch the good ones and throw the bad – always go for quality and use the excellent ideas you took and throw the bad aside.


Look for inspiration

There is an inspiration in everything that is around you. The next time you go out anywhere, give close attention to everything that surrounds you and look for ideas. You can also read books, poems, blogs, watch movies and TV shows. You can really create some good ideas from these sources. Learning to Write

So, the next time you go out or do something amusing make sure you give close attention; to every detail as it will help you to get some wonderful ideas. But be sure not to use the same ideas, because that may lead to boredom. Also, repeating ideas and stories can carry your readers to boredom and escape from your articles.


Hold a small notebook and a pen

Carry a small notebook (a large notebook if you prefer; or record notes on your notebook) or a piece of paper and a pen wherever you go. You do not know when a good idea will come, nor when it will happen. You should write the idea immediately because if you do not do so you may forget the idea after time.


Keep the pen and paper ready for bedtime

Dreams are unique, and innovative in their own way. Every night when you go to bed you will dream of something unique in the fantasy world. As a writer you need to take advantage of your dreams, from the unique fantasies you dream you might create a fantastic fantasy story. Learning to Write

Or from a nightmare, you can write a horror story; and if you want to remember dreams, you need to write to them in the first moment you wake up. So let a paper and pen be next to your bed and write everything you dreamed of. These are some tips that should help you to get some good ideas for your stories, books, articles, etc.

I hope you find the above tips useful to you. How can you come up with wonderful story ideas? Do you use any techniques and techniques of your own? Please leave your comments in the comments box below. (google translate)

Learning to Write a Successful Story or Book Easily


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