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Face Life’s Problems Like a Handful of Dust (Real Story)

Face Life’s Problems Like a Handful of Dust (Real Story)

we live a life in which there are many problems and concerns. Let us take a lesson from the story of the farmer and the horse, as it teaches us how to face the problems of life and the wind that blows us like a handful of dust!

Don’t be afraid or surrender! Resist and strive to win the wreath of victory!


The story of the farmer and the horse

A farmer’s horse fell into a deep but dry water well. The horse began to neigh. And it lasted like this for several hours. During which the farmer was looking into the situation and thinking how to get the horseback?

It did not take long for him to convince himself that the horse had become old and that the cost of extracting it was close to the cost of buying another horse, besides that the well had been dry for a long time and needed to be filled in any way.

Face Lifes Problems Like a Handful of Dust (Real Story)
Face Life’s Problems Like a Handful of Dust (Real Story)

Thus, the farmer called his neighbors and asked them to help him fill the well in order to solve two problems at the same time, getting rid of the dry well and burying the horse. Everyone started with shovels to collect dust and waste and throw it into the well at first, the horse realized the truth of what was going on, as it started neighing with a loud pain filled with pain and asking for help.

After a while, to everyone’s amazement, the horse’s sound suddenly stopped, and after a few shovels, the farmer looked inside the well and was dumbfounded at what he saw! He found the horse busy shaking his back, and whenever the dust fell on him, he in turn threw it on the ground, and he rose one step up, and so the situation continued.

Everyone throws dirt into the well, and it falls on the horse’s back, and it shakes its back, and it falls to the ground, as it rises step by step to the top, and after the necessary period to fill the well, the horse approached the top and made a leap and took it out of the well in peace. Forget you and it will continue to throw itself.


Every problem you face in life is a handful of dust

You have to kick it off your back to get over it and so take a step up, kick it aside and take a step over it, and you’ll find yourself one day on top!

  • Never stop and never give up no matter how you feel that others want to bury you alive.
  • Make your heart free of worries, make your mind free of anxiety.
  • Live your life more simply than giving and anticipating hardships.
  • Expect to take a little, trust in God and be assured of His justice, truth and love, who do not change and do not go away forever. (google translate)


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Face Life’s Problems Like a Handful of Dust (Real Story)


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