How Can the Sun Destroy Life on the Earth?


How Can the Sun Destroy Life on the Earth?

How can the sun be affected by the glare emanating from other stars, and how powerful and harmful if it occurs on the globe? Can the sun destroy life on Earth? After several studies and monitoring of the center, scientists discovered in NASA by Kepler mission ‘star’ from which the radiation emanates strongly and that the sun may be subjected to huge glows.

The sun’s glow is a burst of energy that triggers the release of heat and light in a form of huge kinetic waves and releases it into the space surrounding the star. They believe that this energy from the massive thermal and photovoltaic glows is more than ten times the normal glow.

Scientists have discovered in their space discoveries a double star in the Milky Way called KIC9655129 and said that the star is capable of producing a huge amount of thermal and photovoltaic glow.

How Can the Sun Destroy Life on the Earth?
How Can the Sun Destroy Life on the Earth?

Solar Flares

The researchers determined that they had identified the wave profile on the fluorescence glitter curve by analyzing the time sequences of the star KIC9655129 and collected these preliminary results and information with the Kepler Space Telescope. The Kepler telescope was sent on 6 March 2009 from Cape Canaveral. This Kepler probe has monitored more than 100 thousand solar stars continuously for more than five years.

Keep in mind that the current glow in the stars is determined by observing and recording the degree and force of the pulses issued in a regular and steady manner. These oscillations are often similar to waves whose length or shortness in the dimensions and different specifications of the sites of points on the surfaces of the stars.

Scientists have shown through Kepler’s telescope that many of the waves correspond to one another in the glow of KIC9655129 and resemble the characteristics of a normal glow of the sun.

How Can the Sun Destroy Life on the Earth?
How Can the Sun Destroy Life on the Earth?

Planet Kepler-438b

Scientists have confirmed that this massive glow of the star, if it occurs on the sun, will cause great and devastating consequences for the people of the earth. Because these massive waves emanating from this star will result in the interruption of radio communications in air navigation and also affect many of the electrical stations and stop working on a wide range.

According to the researchers, this hypothesis and the possibility of the occurrence of this glow in the sun is very small and this is fortunate. As astronomers have said, a planet called Kepler-438b, much like the Earth, has proved to be unfit for life as a result of the massive flares of a star orbiting the planet. The question remains: Can the sun destroy life on Earth?

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How Can the Sun Destroy Life on the Earth?


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