How Do You Get Joy and Keep Your Heart Healthy and Strong?


How Do You Get Joy and Keep Your Heart Healthy and Strong?

That a little happiness is reflected positively in the safety of the heart and the stability of its work, a study of more than 1,700 men and women has been conducted, and scientists have clearly shown that those with positive, optimistic, and comforting lives are less likely to have heart disease than pessimists with negative thoughts.

‘You can protect yourself from the risks of heart disease once you look at life positively,’ say the researchers. ‘You give yourself something of happiness by changing the black ideas you carry, and changing them with optimistic and positive thoughts.

The heart is one of the most important organs of the body and is influenced by many psychological factors. These factors have devastating effects on the heart. Scientists, therefore, stress that the easiest way to keep the heart safe is to stay away from anger and psychological tension.

Based on this study, we recommend that you make a change in your pessimistic thoughts. The path is therefore very easy. Here are some practical steps for change. It is a long experience.

How Do You Get Joy and Keep Your Heart Healthy and Strong?
How Do You Get Joy and Keep Your Heart Healthy and Strong?

Steps to help maintain a healthy heart

1 You must know that God is with you and will not bother you or leave you!
Do not carry more worries, or fear the future; Because of the future by God! And the wonderful God only wants you good. Be aware to throw yourself in the arms of sin and allow them and the mines and problems to steal your peace and keep you from that I love the Ultimate.


2 – If you wait for an order, know that God will guide you if this is good for you, and spend it on you if it is evil for you; Provided that you trust in God, and receive a command from him first and consult him in all your affairs. 


3 – You must believe that good and peace are from God
At this moment, your worries will be thrown behind your back. You will never regret something that has passed, and you will never be afraid of what will come. For the simple reason that God will choose what suits you in this life.

4 – You must be optimistic because your issues will end soon, but on the condition that you give the order to the Lord Jesus and believe that God can solve these problems.


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5 – Why do you not always feel God beside you?
The Lord is closer to you than yourself, he is with you wherever you are; He sees you, hears you, knows your problems, and can change your life in full. In time, you do not know the future, and you do not know where the good is, so you have to hand it over to the Lord.


Faith in God and positive thinking

6 – Do not look at yourself with a bad appearance, but look at your bad behavior that does not please God; And should be changed and replaced by things that please God. Do not despair of change, but repeat the attempt even a hundred times. It is important not to despair, because despair can only give you frustration and further issues and complications. How do You Get Joy?


7 – Whatever your issue is large and intractable, see it as simple and solvable; Whether it is a physical, emotional, social, work, or study issue. Remember that God, who created this universe, cannot solve problems for its enemies. 


8 – Depend on God in your life and wait for results

Without a doubt, God will help you and will not leave you as long as you trust him sincerely and sincerely, go to him. The way to achieve this is through prayer, faith, and trust in God’s goodness. How Do You Get Joy and Keep Your Heart Healthy and Strong?


9 – Whatever your grievances are, your sins are shameful, shameful, and disappointing. God can forgive her with a glance, and once you repent to God, true and sincere repentance emanates from your heart. But more than that. 

God can change your sins into good deeds!! And restore to you the years eaten by locusts! To achieve the above steps, you must begin reading the Bible and listening to its verses as long as possible every day. It is advisable to start studying the Bible. This is the easiest and shortest way to change.


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10 – If you want to live a life full of happiness, you have faith and trust in God. Because the promises of God are true, and His mercy lasts forever. He said, ‘I will not leave you. I have engraved you on my hands.’ Finally,’ look to the older generations. Can one trust in the Lord and feel ashamed?! ” The definite answer is no.


Dear reader!

If you want your heart to be filled with joy and happiness, always carry love in your heart and pray continually to the Lord. Do not allow the enemy of goodness to steal this joy from you! We wish you lasting joy and trust that the Lord is your joy!

Source: Human Development


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How do you get joy and happiness and keep your heart healthy and strong?


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