Jerome – Theodosius – Ambrose Quotations about Saint Mary


Jerome – Theodosius – Ambrose Quotations about Saint Mary

Saint Jerome Quotes (Ieronymus Dalmatia 347-420 Bethlehem) about the Virgin Mary

1. After the Virgin conceived and gave birth to her son for us, the curse was dissolved, death came through Eve, and life through Mary.

2. The Virgin Mary obtained grace not only enough for her to be a pure virgin but also to the extent that qualifies her to bestow with her virginal intercessions to others because for their sake she came.

3. The Lord Christ alone opened the doors of her closed virginity, yet the doors remained completely closed.

4. Although the door was closed, Jesus entered into Mary, the new tomb carved in the rock, in which no one before or after him had fallen asleep, it is a closed garden, a sealed fountain ‘Song 4:12’.

5. It is the eastern door that Ezekiel spoke about (14:2), always closed, full of light… It enters into the Holy of Holies, from it enters and exits who are on the order of Melchizedek.

Jerome - Theodosius - Ambrose Quotations about Saint Mary
Jerome – Theodosius – Ambrose Quotations about Saint Mary

6. Let them tell me how Jesus entered with the doors closed, and I answer them how Saint Mary is a mother and a virgin after the birth of her son, and how she is a mother before (without) marriage.

7. Death came through Eve and life through Mary.

8. The Holy Bible used to use the word ‘firstborn’, not for the person who has brothers and sisters, but for the firstborn (Exodus 34: 19, 20), even if he did not have younger brothers.

9. After the Virgin conceived her son and gave birth to him for us… the curse was dissolved.

10. Thus, St. Jerome comes out of the Holy Bible that ‘every only-born child is a firstborn, but not every firstborn is an only child’. Also, the phrase ‘he did not know her until she gave birth to her firstborn son’ does not necessarily mean that Saint Joseph knew her after her birth to the Lord Christ.

11. Because the word ‘until’ does not mean a prediction of what will happen next, for example, saying the book: ‘Michal did not give birth to Saul’s daughter until she died’ does not mean that she was born after her death.

Jerome - Theodosius - Ambrose Quotations about Saint Mary
Jerome – Theodosius – Ambrose Quotations about Saint Mary
Father Theodosius Quotes, Bishop of Ankara, about the Virgin Mary

1. Indeed, nature does not know a virgin who remains like this after the birth of a child, but grace made the Virgin a mother and preserved her virginity. Grace made the Virgin a mother and did not solve her virginity.

2. O uncultivated land that flourished and brought us fruit to save us!

3. O Virgin who surpassed the joyful Garden of Eden!

4. God made Himself grow according to the flesh, as He willed by His will to unite with human nature.

5. We have fled from the face of our teacher, leaving the grace offered to us, so what should the teacher do according to his mercy? He tracks down the fugitive until he gets him back.

6. She wrapped herself in divine grace as a garment and filled herself with divine wisdom in the heart. She was blessed with marriage with God, and she received God in her womb.

7. He approaches Him, not wearing His majesty, but He comes to Him in humility, incarnate in the womb of Mary. By this the teacher becomes known to the stray and a friend to him, making himself our servant so that we become masters with him!

8. The Virgin is more glorified than Paradise because Paradise was granted to him by God, as for Mary.

9. The Son of God became man to welcome as a member of our family, and despite our sins, we are born again, bearing hope.

Jerome - Theodosius - Ambrose Quotations about Saint Mary
Jerome – Theodosius – Ambrose Quotations about Saint Mary

Saint Ambrose Quotes

1. Eve is called the mother of the human race, while Mary is the mother of salvation.

2. Come, Savior of the world! Show your birth of the virgin! Let the whole world admire such a birth befitting God!’

3. She was alone in calling her ‘full of grace, as she alone attained the grace that no one else possessed, as she was filled with gifts of grace.

4. But now, the life of Mary is an example that you should imitate, for from her the beauty of chastity and the example of every virtue shines as from a mirror.

5. Thus, he opened the secret by which the dead rise again.

6. She was a virgin not only in body but also in spirit, the purity of her mind was untouched by any deception!

7. Your virginity must be spiritual.

8. Indeed, many cannot be virgins according to the flesh, but every believer is obligated to be a virgin according to the Spirit. So wake up, wake up, my soul, and watch over your virginity!

9. The mother of Christ is a virgin, and his bride ‘the Church’ is also a virgin.

10. ‘Maryam is the Garden of Eden that comes from God, for in it there is no snake that harms.. nor Eve that kills.. Rather, in it springs the tree of life that brought the exiles back to Eden.’


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Jerome – Theodosius – Ambrose Quotations about Saint Mary


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