Lord Teach Me to Pray Because I Need Your Holy Spirit


Lord, teach me to pray, I need you – take me by the hand into the light

Take Me by Your Hand to the Light

It is paid, O Lord, to cry out to You because fears and horrors fill my thoughts. I am in a state of panic. And my blood almost dried up in my veins. Whatever the cause of these fears, I have no choice but to scream and panic to you, for you are my only refuge. You are my creator, my only refuge, my caretaker, my life, and my guard against all dangers. Take me with your hand into divine arms so that I may feel safe.

Say to me (Do not fear your salvation, for I am immediately filled with your peace) Firm the foundations of my life and do not make it a feather in the wind. Support for the boundaries of my home.

Which I took refuge in the specified times, my presence in it so that it does not collapse and my life collapses. Make me, Lord, sleep peacefully in your hands, in safety, free from all fears. Lord, I pray to You now, Lord, to renew my strength, which has been weakened by sin.


Lord, You created me

O Lord, a strong man in Your image and likeness from the beginning, but the sin that entered our human race. You have turned me into an ugly image, far from your purity, glory, and attributes.

The will is so weak that I do what I don’t want. Thought is so weak that it has become raving about what does not work. Emotions stagnate, emptiness, and insignificance, and the whole body is afflicted with weakness and weakness. O Lord, accept the redemption of Christ on my behalf, so that He may wash me from the effects of horrible sin with His precious blood.

O Lord, condescend and support me with the work of your Holy Spirit, who will return me to my strong divine originality and return to me the precious treasures that my sins have squandered.

You intervene, Lord, to spiritually build this collapsed human entity that is close to decay, and support it with strength from You so that the heart becomes strong, the thought lights up, and the body becomes healthy, so it becomes strong with my strong soul, so I serve you and worship you sincerely. Amen.

Lord Teach Me to Pray Because I Need Your Holy Spirit
Lord Teach Me to Pray Because I Need Your Holy Spirit

Behold, today I come to you, Lord

I do not promise you, but I ask you to save me from sin! Are you not the one who said: (Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest)? Yes, Lord, I need you to relieve me of this heavy burden.

Did you not say that (the Son of Man came to seek and to save that which was lost)? Here I am before you, in need of this salvation from you; not only salvation from judgment but salvation from sin itself.

You were called Jesus, meaning the Savior, because you saved your people from their sins. So save me from my sins. Respond to my ears and show my eyes your promise that says (For the misery of the poor and the sighing of the needy now I will rise – says the Lord – make salvation openly) I don’t think you should blame me for this, O Lord, for my weakness, but save me from this weakness instead of condemning me for my impurity. Purify me, Holy One! Amen.

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Lord Teach Me to Pray Because I Need Your Holy Spirit


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