Mocha Pro Free Download 2022 for Windows, Mac and Linux

Mocha Pro Free Download 2022 for Windows, Mac and Linux

Mocha Pro Academic award-winning program for visual and post-production effects. It features GPU acceleration tracking and object removal, advanced roto with edge capture, image stabilization, 3D camera analyzer, 360 / VR stereo support, and more.

Now available on macOS, Windows, Linux, and as an add-on for Premiere Pro & After Effects, it hosts Avid Media Composer and OFX, such as Flame / Nuke / Fusion / HitFilm and VEGAS Pro.


Main Features

The mask’s Mocha workflow features flat, hidden tools to speed up the creation of shapes and reduce manual keyframes. Magnetic gaskets help capture the edges to create the most detailed mask shapes – without drawing skills.

The Essentials’ workspace provides the power of Mocha for novice users with a streamlined, elegant, and easy-to-learn interface. Tracking and hiding are now faster by reducing complexity and focusing the interface on top tools. Change to Classic for first modules and customize and keep workspaces for flexibility.

Stunning Mocha’s Remove Module has been rewritten to optimize GPU video devices for up to 4-5x rendering speed improvements on removals and clean paint projects. For 4K HD and 360 / VR video projects, increasing the resulting speed is a significant saving of time.

Planar tracking is at the heart of all units and is used to drive tracking, hide roto, remove objects, and more. Extensive track courses and an advanced Adjust Track interface can handle reflections, clogs, noise, and even areas with blur or low detail.

Mocha Pro Free Download 2022 for Windows, Mac and Linux
Mocha Pro Free Download 2022 for Windows, Mac and Linux

Mocha Pro – New magnetic key tools and cutting edges!

 It is the ideal masking tool for effects or color editing. When linked to Mocha plane tracking, X-Spline & Bezier draws motion and perspective, which greatly reduces the work of the manual keyframe. Advanced tools for editing shapes: insert edges for each point, layer link tool, transform tool, group layers, and motion blur.

Now faster with GPU rendering! Remove unwanted items, wires, rigs, track marks, and 360 cameras. Generate clean plates to save a lot of time. A removal unit is a great alternative to traditional copy and paint techniques to get rid of unwanted pixels and remove objects. Automatically detects temporally clean frames for blending and aligning pixels with little user input.

You can render tracked graphics on the screen surface inside Mocha Pro 2022 or go back to the host timeline with the new plug-in option. Integrates with Lens Module for realistic VFX mounting on distorted shots.

The mounting unit can close the camera motion or stabilize moving objects based on flat tracking. The smooth option with selectable anchor frames helps reduce high-frequency tension while maintaining the original camera movement. Center, scale, or crop stable footage based on user-driven tracking.

It supports native 3D and 360 / VR stereo formats. This unique workflow uses ‘both eyes’ flat tracking analysis to minimize manual displacement and hard work on stereoscopic 3D endoscopy, tracking, 3D camera resolution, and object removal.

Mocha Pro Free Download 2022 for Windows, Mac and Linux
Mocha Pro Free Download 2022 for Windows, Mac and Linux

3D Solver Tool

Unlike feature-based camera tracking, it resolves the 3D camera based on flat, user-defined data. This quick and easy-to-use solution is ideal for adjusting extensions, 3D text, and particle tracking. In addition, the 3D Solver tool can be used to help other 3D tracking applications get tough shots with low detail or a large blockage in the foreground.

360 award-winning video tools to track and hide, fix horizons, remove objects, and correct and publish the spherical video. The original 360-optimized workflow simplifies the post-production challenges of spherical video.

Work across layers with less overlay, nesting, or rendering. Tracking in Mocha is easy for 360 creators to learn. Powerful level tracking simplifies the workflow for advanced motion tracking, masking, object removal, and horizon installation on 360 video projects.

The unique stereo workflow uses level tracking analysis on ‘both samples’ to resolve contrast and reduce arduous duplication of stereoscopy, tracking, object removal, and stabilization. Work on the main ‘Hero’ view and ripple track corrections and roto to the other eye view to reduce the low manual frame bezel. Return to the host or export stereo roto formats back to a wide range of hosts including, Nuke and more.

📌 Note: Exports are limited to exporting only 10 frames in the trial version.

Download Mocha Pro 2022 Latest for Windows / Mac / Linux
Download Mocha Pro 2022 Latest for Windows / Mac / Linux
Technical Details
  • Category: Photos Editing Software
  • Software name: Mocha Pro
  • Version: The latest
  • License: Demo
  • File Size: 88 MB
  • Operating Systems: Windows XP / Vista 7,8,10,11 / Mac / Linux
  • Core: 32/64-bit
  • Languages: Multilingual
  • Developer: BORIS FX, Inc
  • Official website:

Download Mocha Pro Free 2022


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