The Real Story of the Woman and the Cross

The Real Story of the Woman and the Cross

If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” (Luke 9:23).

The Woman and the Cross

She was a beautiful girl in one of the cities of Italy, and she lived in a beautiful, happy, living house. The path of life was smooth and soft for her. She married at an early age to a beautiful, beloved young man, and bore him three children. Suddenly, when they carried her dead husband with her one day, a tree fell on him in the forest, and the experience was so harsh that she could not accept God’s will,

So she rebelled against her and that made her rigid and cruel, and she struggled greatly to repel poverty from the door of her living, so she worked day and night to be able to feed and clothe her children, although she was doing so with a strong spirit devoid of love until the souls of her children began to fear her and they would run to hide if she approached them when they played.

One night she felt that she could not bear more than she could bear, so she prayed before she lay down, saying: Lord, take my soul, this is more than I can bear.

The Real Story of the Woman and the Cross
The Real Story of the Woman and the Cross

The Possibility of the Cross

In her sleep she saw a dream, and behold, she was standing in a room in which there was. It was nothing but crosses, some big and some small, some white and some black – and Christ Himself stood beside her and said to the woman.

Give me your cross, which is very heavy for you, and choose a cross for yourself instead of one of those crosses hanging on the wall, and the woman had hardly heard these words until she put her cross in Christ’s hands, the cross of her grief.


Mr. Replied

This is the cross of a young woman who suffered from rickets at a young age and will remain crippled all the days of her life and will live within the hospital walls. She does not see the fields or the beautiful countryside. It is very rare to see the face of a friend. If she lives another twenty years, she will be twenty years on the bed of illness, and the lady asked: But why does it look like a cross? young?


The master replied: Because she endured it for my sake!!

The lady moved slowly and took another cross, which was small and was also light, but as soon as she took hold of it, she set her hand on burning fire, and from the severity of the pain she cried and asked when the cross fell from her hand, what cross is this, my God?

The master answered as if it were the cross of a woman, her husband is very wicked, and she bears her cross without showing it, even though he burns every hour and every part of her body often hides her children from it so that he does not offend them, and in all this, she is still courageous and compassionate!!


Take up your cross every day and follow me!!

Finally, the woman raised another cross, which appeared to be light and small and not flaming, but as soon as she caught it she felt as if the ice was touching her hand, and she cried, Oh, my lord, a cross who is this? He replied: This is the cross of a woman who once had six children who were taken from her one after another, and her heart now lives in the six graves in the cemetery!!

The woman also raised that cross, and said, “I will keep my cross for you.” And in the morning the dream remained heavy on herself, and it was a message reprimanding her, so she thought that she should work to be gentle towards her children and submissive to her God.

And the days passed and her children noticed that her love had returned to them again, as well. Her neighbors saw her tenderness and tried to help her, and joy returned to her life. God’s grace poured out on her like dew when she took her cross and carried it for him!! (Google Translate)


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The Real Story of the Woman and the Cross

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