Saint Maroun Novena Prayer


Saint Maroun Novena Prayer

The lights of Saint Maroun shone on the mountains of Cyrus in northern Syria, guiding souls to the truth when heresies were wreaking havoc in those parts. The father of the Maronite community and the banner of its faith for generations.


In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, one God, Amen.


With a heart full of hope, I turn to you, Saint Maroun, the patron saint of the Maronites and all Christians who suffer from anxiety, to kindle the love of God in our hearts, and enlighten our minds. And guide us to the paths of righteousness, so that we may, through your intercession, deserve to witness Him in heaven and praise Him with you forever and ever. Amen (Our Father, peace, glory)


Saint Maroun Novena Prayer DAY 2

Oh, Saint Maroun, listen to our prayers and take pity on our lost and afflicted souls who are carrying the burdens of life. You who throughout your life have willingly suffered pain, for the love of God. And you have understood the meaning of the pain in soul and body and established the rituals and rituals for men and women so that they may train with the true wisdom that leads to the kingdom of God. Amen (Our Father, peace, glory)

Saint Maroun Novena Prayer
Saint Maroun Novena Prayer


You are the one who did not tire of the ways of the Lord and did not hear a call but his call. I chose the hermit life. Do not forget us, Saint Maroun, who resides in the presence of the Heavenly King. We beseech you with reverence, come and dwell in our hearts, and bud in it the flower of “God’s love”. Amen (Our Father, peace, glory)



O sign of perfection, and the example of the united fathers, our glorious Father Maroun, who compared the pure apostles with warning and preaching, and fought for the true faith, and returned the lost to the knowledge of the truth. We humbly beseech you, like your sons, to derive for us from our merciful God to make us a special people for him who are jealous of good deeds, just as He has bestowed upon us the grace of perseverance in true faith through your powerful intercession. Amen (Our Father, peace, glory)



Through the intercession of Saint Maroun, use me, O Lord, for your peace, so I place to love where hatred is, forgiveness where harm, union where disagreement, faith where doubt, hope where despair, light where darkness, joy where sadness, because by giving and giving up the conscience, and by allowing forgiveness, and by death resurrection to eternal life. Amen (Our Father, Peace, Glory)



Accept, Lord, all my freedom. Accept my memory, my mind, and my will. That everything that is mine and all that I possess is a gift from you, I give it back to you, all of it, and surrender it to your holy will, so that you may dispose of it in an absolute manner. Grant me your love and grace, so that they dispense with everything else, following the example of Saint Maroun. Amen (Our Father, peace, glory) Saint Maroun Novena Prayer



Oh, Saint Maroun, pray for our families, accompany her with your generosity, protect her from every danger, help her in her needs, and give her the grace to prove the example of the Holy Family, so that if she is faithful in serving God and his love on earth, she can bless him forever in heaven. Amen (Our Father, peace, glory)



O Lord our Lord, O Lover of mankind, dwell in the heavenly homes, those who spent their lives in the true faith, forgiving us and them of sins and slips, because no one is freed from sin, except our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ, through whom we hope to obtain mercy and forgiveness of sins for us and them. Amen (Our Father, peace, glory)



O Maroun, who has become the knowledge of holiness and guidance, intercede for us throughout the days of our lives, for here we came humbled asking you for help, be in distress our refuge, and end our endeavor with goodness. Extend to us, O great saint, rich in graces, the oath of help, that we may obtain, through your intercession, the graces that we so desperately need. Amen. (Our Father, peace, glory)


Saint Maroun’s Prayer

O Saint Maroun, the pride of hermits and role model for monks, who preaches the true faith, and guides sheep to the path of salvation. So that we may be special people to God, zealous of good works. Through your intercession, we deserve to see Him in heaven and praise Him with you forever. Amen. (Google translate)


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Saint Maroun Novena Prayer

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