The Eagle Renew his Youth and Extend his Life (Real Story)


The Eagle Renew his Youth and Extend his Life (Real Story)

How does the eagle renew its youth and prolong its life?

The eagle lives about seventy years, but to reach this age, it must make a decision with a great deal of difficulty.

Then, at this same stage, his beak, strong and sharp, curved, becomes more curved. Because of his advanced age, his wings became heavy due to the heavy weight of his feathers and he stuck to his chest, making flying a more difficult task!!

Under these circumstances, the eagle has two options: either he succumbs to death or undergoes a very painful process of change for a period of one hundred and fifty days. By breaks his claws until they grow again, and then he plucks all his feathers.

The Eagle Renew his Youth and Extend his Life (Real Story)
The Eagle Renew his Youth and Extend his Life (Real Story)

God Renew your youth like an eagle

At the end of this suffering in five months, the eagle soars in the sky as if it was born again and its reward would be to live for another thirty years! It is the wisdom of the Lord in his creation!

And from it, we may learn that it is a necessity to make a painful choice that is inevitable if we want the fullness of life. In the logic of the Gospel, we find in the cross a bridge to life and without death! It is the wisdom of the Lord: foolishness in the eyes of the world but with its folds the power of God. And things don’t stop here! 


“For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light“. (Matthew 11:30:)

As long as the cross is in communion with Him, the sterility of our sufferings will be transformed into fertility, the sweetness of the consolation of the coming reward. With Him, the face of death is changed to life and the crucifixion to resurrection!

How easy it is to bear the time constraints that will turn into eternal joys!! By this, the yoke becomes easy, because it is the yoke of Christ, and the burden is light because it is carried by Him. He: the source of true strength. 

According to what the psalm says: “The LORD is my strength and song, and is become my salvation.” (Psalm 118:14).

If we go back to the story of the eagle, we see that the secret of his true strength lies within his decision in favor of the will of life that the creator has planted in him. He actually responded to the wisdom of the Lord, which appeared to be a temporary ignorance, so that he attained the fullness of his life! And we. Shall we let the bird increase our wisdom?

The Lord renews your youth like an eagle (Google auto-translate)


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The Eagle Renew his Youth and Extend his Life (Real Story)

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