What is the Difference Between Men and Women Brains?


What is the Difference Between Men and Women Brains?

Scientists often spoke of differences between man’s and women’s brains. Day after day, scientists discover new things. The latest study has shown that there are some traits and characteristics common to the two species.

And they say there are some cases where the brain carries masculine and masculine characteristics, while others have only female characteristics. What researchers have said in this science is that most people have common characteristics among themselves, the structure of their brain is divided between masculine and feminine.

The study was conducted by a team from the Max Planck Institute for Cognition and Brain Sciences in Leipzig, Germany. They are conducted by a research team from Tel Aviv University. The researchers reported that they had reached these results after several analyses and images of magnetic resonance imaging. In their analytical study, the researchers focused on two things.

What is the Difference Between Men and Women Brains?
What is the Difference Between Men and Women Brains?

The difference

The area where gray and white matter are scattered throughout the brain especially in places where interference between these two substances is usually low. The difference in the distribution of these two substances in the brain determines the differences between men and women. These two substances are essential components of the nervous system and are composed of specific types of cells.

The researchers focused on the strength of interconnections between different brain regions. They then evaluated the results of the brain analysis separately. In their analysis, the researchers relied on the prevalence of female and male features in this region of the brain.

The images of the magnetic resonance (MRI) on which the researchers were based did not appear very clearly. Some images of the gray matter showed that nearly six percent of the participants had full male or female characteristics in their brains.

The results obtained by the researchers were heterogeneous and mixed like a mosaic plate. They found that men’s brains contain female characteristics and women’s brains have masculine traits. Researchers agree with their findings fully with the results of many studies related to individual behavior differences between men and women. This study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in America.


The connection between men’s and women’s minds

In 2013, researchers found it at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. There is a significant difference in the way the link between the hemispheres of men and women, and this is clear evidence of the great discrepancy between the previous study and this new study. In this study conducted at Tel Aviv University, researchers have shown several important links between the brain hemispheres in women.

These links increase in men in the middle of the brain. According to the study, these differences may explain the ability of men to convey their perceptions better to coordinated behaviors, while women are characterized by their ability to link the analytical and intuitive information with each other. (Google Translate)


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What is the Difference Between Men and Women’s Brains?


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