BetterDiscord Free Download 2022 for Windows/Mac

BetterDiscord Free Download 2022 for Windows and Mac

BetterDiscord is an optional additional customization app for Discord, the world’s leading chat platform that is used to connect users from all over the world in a single community that thrives on comprehensive text and voice communications that far outpace the offerings of competing apps like Skype, Mumble, TeamSpeak and others.


BetterDiscord installed on the computer

Will open access to a new set of emotions, plugins, and useful features, transforming the Discord app into a more personalized platform that can help you improve your daily workflow, display your style, and allow easy access to all friends online, In-app discussion boards, and more.

In addition to the many consumer-facing features, this free and lightweight app takes pride in offering additional security and optimization features that can help you reduce CPU load when managing access to an impressive array of chat channels, modern and built-in chat tools, browser support, and much more.



Can well serve computer beginners who only want quick access to new customization features (such as the ability to change and hide some key elements of the Discord user interface), this app also provides access to a full-featured CSS editor that will enable users to use professional computers and programmers customize the Discord experience according to their exact needs.

BetterDiscord Free Download 2022 for Windows and Mac
BetterDiscord Free Download 2022 for Windows and Mac

When you install BetterDiscord (which is distributed online as a 1 MB sub-archive that can be deployed to your computer in just seconds), the app will be integrated into the Discord Settings page, where it will add new categories like Core, Emotes, Custom CSS, plugins, and themes.

The most comprehensive and feature-packed section of all that is provided is Core, where users are provided with a wide range of useful tools that can sometimes change the entire application’s work dramatically, including switching to public servers, Minimal mode.

Voice mode, dark mode, 24-hour timestamps, color text, and sophisticated developer mode. Emoji Tab can implant Discord with many new emotions, including full integration of Twitch Emotions, name switching, emoji rates, and more.

BetterDiscord developers recommend that users who are not well versed in encryption do not try to make application changes within the Custom CSS Editor tab. The app is a small but incredibly versatile customization plugin for Discord, and as such, it can provide value to almost every Discord user.

This community-built app continues to evolve to this day, introducing new customization features to this popular communication platform. Download it today for free.

📌 Note: requires Discord and .NET Framework.

BetterDiscord Free Download 2022 for Windows and Mac
BetterDiscord Free Download 2022 for Windows and Mac

Technical Details

  • Software name: BetterDiscord
  • Category: Communication
  • License: Open Source
  • File size: 102.4 KB
  • Operating systems: Windows 7/8/10, 11, Mac
  • Languages: Multilanguage
  • Developer: Alexei Stukov
  • Official site:

Download BetterDiscord Free 2022


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