Daily Christian Prayer for Today Spiritual Food for the Soul


Daily Christian Prayer for Today Spiritual Food for the Soul

a Christian must perform these duties every day, as they are his daily spiritual nourishment. Prayer is a link between the believer and the Creator. It is a relationship of love and honor in which he expresses his faith and love for the Lord and asks him for help and mercy.

Prayer is the spiritual nourishment that the believer derives from the Holy Spirit of God, who purifies hearts, renews minds, and gives blessings and blessings to man, so that he may walk on the path of the Lord in steady steps, bearing the torch of light and the banner of faith and hope. He walked the path of life with the light and grace of the Lord.

Prayer is the duty of the true Christian believer because it brings him closer to the Lord and gives him strength and peace.

How many times have I felt inner emptiness, anxiety, and sadness? Have you searched for the reason? It is your separation from God. Go and stand before the icon of the Lord and his mother, and plead with the Lord, crying out with all your heart: “Have mercy on me, O Lord.” Let your heart speak and all your senses turn to Him, so that the Lord may hear your voice, and relieve your tired heart from the burdens of your passions. Nothing prevents you from praying; no place and no boundaries.

Have you not read in the Bible how the Apostle Paul and Silas prayed while in prison and did not care? Yes, nothing hindered them. There is no excuse for you to prevent you from praying. The Lord took an example in this, as did the apostles and saints of all their lives. Prayer was their refuge, the joy of their hearts, and the life of their souls.

Daily Christian Prayer for Today Spiritual Food for the Soul
Daily Christian Prayer for Today Spiritual Food for the Soul

A summary of the duties of a Christian

  • Glory to God who created you.
  • Imitating the Savior who shed his blood for you.
  • Appeal to the mother of Christ and your mother.
  • Honoring the angels and saints and asking for their intercession.
  • You have a soul that you save and a body that you kill.
  • To examine your conscience and repent of your sins.
  • To love virtue and hate vice.
  • To gain bliss and abhor Hell.
  • To despise the world, warn Satan, and suppress passions.


Daily Prayers

Before breakfast

Help all of you besieged, and you give them their food in due time, you open your hand, and every living thing is filled with joy.


After breakfast or lunch

We thank you, O Christ our God, because you have satisfied us with your earthly bounties, so do not deprive us of your heavenly kingdom.


Before dinner

The wretched eat and are satisfied and praise the Lord whom they seek, and their hearts shall live forever.


After dinner

You have satisfied us with your bounties, and from the works of your hands, we have rejoiced. The light of your countenance, O Lord, has been drawn upon us since their grain, wine, and oil abounded. In peace, I lie and sleep together, for You, O Lord, have made me dwell in oneness in hope. Daily Christian Prayer for Today Spiritual Food for the Soul


Before the lesson

O God, whose goodness is unfathomable, the source of all wisdom. Send us the spirit of wisdom and understanding, enlightening our minds in useful reading, and standing on your divine commandments, to live according to your pleasure, and to benefit our kind, the people of our homes, and all those whom we have been able to benefit from among the people, and thus we deserve the unfailing glory among your righteous saints, Amen.


After the lesson

We thank you, Lord God, for having enlightened our minds with your divine grace so that we benefited from what we learned today from the useful reading. From now on, we ask you to pour out upon us the grace of your Holy Spirit and to enlighten our minds so that we may love the good works that are pleasing to your divine glory. By this, we are worthy of the crowns which I have prepared for those who love you, through the intercessions of the Mother of God and all the saints who have pleased you from the beginning of time, Amen.


Before work

We ask you, O Lord, to precede our works with your inspirations and complete them with your help so that every prayer and every work begins with you, and with you what began with you ends. In Christ our Lord, Amen.


Prayer for getting up from sleep

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, one God, Amen. O God, who brought us with your fatherly care to this morning, we ask you to support us with your divine grace in this new day so that we may avoid every sin in it and make all our thoughts, words, and actions directed towards the work of your pleasure and the keeping of your commandments and the commandments of your church and the duties of our special case Amen.

My sultana and my mother, I offer myself to you in its entirety. To demonstrate the sincerity of my service towards you, I dedicate to you today my eyes, my ears, my mouth, my heart, and my whole self. And since I am yours, tender mother, keep me and protect me as your own and your own, Amen.


The day’s offering to the divine heart

O Divine Heart of Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I offer you my prayers, my deeds, and my pains on this day, as a fulfillment of my sins and all the intentions of your Sacred Heart. Daily Christian Prayer for Today Spiritual Food for the Soul


Act of Faith

Oh my God, I firmly believe that you are one God in three distinct people, Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, and I believe that the Son became human, suffered and died on the cross for our love, and rose on the third day. I believe that there is an eternal heaven for the righteous and an eternal hell for the wicked, and with all that the Holy Church believes and teaches, you are the first truth and free from error.


Do, please

O my God, I hope for eternal life and the forgiveness of my sins and the means to obtain them by the merits of our Lord Jesus Christ and the good works that I intend to do with your holy help because you are the Almighty and faithful. In the end, you promised me that.


Act of love

My God, I love you with all my heart, with all my soul, and with all my soul, because you are infinite goodness, and for your love, I also love all who have sinned and offended me.


Act of contrition

Have mercy on me, O Lord, for I regret with all my heart that I insulted you. For my sin, I have offended and offended a God so great, good, and so beloved as You. From now on, I intend, by Your divine help, to never offend you, for I love You above all things.

Dear brothers: Let us persevere in daily prayer, for it is the weapon against the attacks and battles of the devil, it is the spiritual nourishment for our souls and minds, and the permanent light of our lives! (Google Translate).

📌 Remember this apostolic work in your prayers always!


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Daily Christian Prayer for Today Spiritual Food for the Soul


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