Emby Server Free Download for Windows 11, Mac and Linux


Emby Server Free Download for Windows 11, Mac and Linux


mby Server is designed to help you manage your personal media libraries at home, such as videos and photos. Robust tools for managing content, users, sharing, security, and more.

The Emby Server Dashboard is designed for smartphones, tablets, and large screens, letting you manage your media anytime, anywhere. It’s never been easier to keep your films, music, and images in one place.

Your personal Emby Server automatically converts and streams your media on the go for playback on any device. Emby Connect makes it simple to enjoy your personal media when away from home. No more fumbling with IP addresses. Just log in and play. Stream live TV to any device, manage your DVR and enjoy your recording library. Easily control access to content for your children. Monitor their sessions and control them remotely as you need.


Emby Mobile Sync

It allows you to take your own home films, music, and images everywhere you go, even when you’re not connected to the internet. Apps for Emby are available for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, and Windows Tablets.

Sit back and enjoy Emby from the comfort of your own living room. Emby Applications are available for Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, Xbox, Home Theater Computers, and a variety of other platforms.

This takes the hassle out of managing videos, music, and photos at home, so you can spend more time having fun and less time suffering. When you buy Emby Premiere, you’ll gain extra features like Cover Art, Mobile Sync, Cloud Sync, and free Android applications.

Emby Server Free Download for Windows 11, Mac and Linux
Emby Server Free Download for Windows 11, Mac and Linux

Emby Server Features

Live TV

Stream live TV to any device, manage your DVR, and enjoy your recording library.

Your Media on Any Device

Emby Server transforms and broadcasts your personal media in real time for playback on any device.


Automatically detects DLNA devices on your network so you can easily send content, remote control, and more.

Beautiful Screens

Organize your content into accessible and elegant presentations. Your personal media will never look the same.

Manage Your Home

Easily control access to content for your children. Monitor their sessions and control them remotely as you need.

Emby Server Free Download for Windows 11, Mac and Linux
Emby Server Free Download for Windows 11, Mac and Linux

Mobile Sync

Synchronize your personal media with smartphones and tablets for easy offline access. Automatically sync new content as it is added. There are several options available for syncing files and media with smartphones and tablets.

One option is Dropbox, which provides both desktop and mobile apps for accessing files from multiple devices. Another option is Synology Drive, which offers a desktop client for auto backups and file syncing, as well as a mobile app for accessing files from a smartphone or tablet.

AmpMe is a music-syncing app that allows you to create a personal hotspot on your host phone, enabling you to sync your music across devices. Finally, there are several resources available for setting up mobile offline synchronization, which allows users to work in offline mode on their mobile devices.

Overall, there are multiple solutions available for syncing personal media with smartphones and tablets, and the best option will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the user.


Manage Your Media

Easy web-based tools help you edit metadata and images, search for translations, and more.  Bynder’s Digital Asset Management module is a great tool to manage your media. It provides easy-to-use web-based tools that allow you to edit metadata and images, search for translations, and more.

You can use the search function to find files by searching through asset metadata, tags, and other parameters. Additionally, Bynder’s DAM module provides powerful tools to help you organize and manage your media library, including version control and collaboration features.


Parental Control

Set parental restrictions for your children, create access schedules, time limits, and more. It looks like there are several options for setting up parental controls and conditions on your child’s device. Some of these features include setting screen time limits, blocking or limiting access to specific apps and features, and setting up schedules and access restrictions. Here are some examples of tools and features that can help with this:

  • Content & Privacy Restrictions in Screen Time for iOS devices
  • Family Mode app for Android devices
  • Family Link software for managing children’s Android devices
  • Parental controls and settings within the Windows operating system

Depending on the device or operating system you are using, the specific tools and features may vary. It’s important to research and understand the capabilities of the specific tool you are using in order to effectively set and manage parental controls and restrictions for your children.



Cast films, music, photographs, and live TV to Chromecast with ease. Chromecast is a device that allows you to cast movies, TV shows, photos, and music onto your TV. It seems to support various streaming services, including some built into smart TVs or streaming devices and others that can be cast from a mobile device using Chromecast technology.

Chromecast also supports live TV through certain apps or services. With Chromecast, you can turn any TV into a smart TV and enjoy your favorite entertainment with ease.

Cloud sync

Synchronize your personal media to the cloud for easy backup, archiving, and transfer. Store your content in multiple resolutions to enable live streaming from any device.

📌 Note: Limited functionality in the trial version.

✅ ALSO AVAILABLE: Download Emby Server for Mac & Linux.


Download and Install Emby Server

Emby Server is a media server software that allows users to manage their personal media libraries, such as videos and photos, and stream them to various devices. Emby Server is available for free download on Windows 11, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

To download and install Emby Server, users can visit the Emby Server website and download the appropriate version for their operating system. The website offers downloads for Windows, Mac, Linux, and NAS devices, such as Asustor and FreeNAS.

Once installed, Emby Server provides users with a web-based interface for managing their media libraries and settings. Users can also download the Emby app on their mobile devices or browse their media libraries through third-party apps like Plex, Emby, and Jellyfin.

Overall, Emby Server is a versatile media server solution that allows users to easily manage and stream their personal media libraries to multiple devices. The free download makes it easily accessible to users across different operating systems, including Windows 11, Mac, and Linux.


Technical Details

  • Category: Audio and video software
  • Software name: Emby Server
  • The latest version
  • License: Open Source
  • File size: 819.2 KB
  • Operating systems: all versions of Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and many more
  • Core: 32/64 bit
  • Languages: Multilingual
  • Developed by: Emby Team
  • Official website: emby.media

Download Emby Server Free for Windows/Mac/Linux


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