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Prayer of Faith in the Lord and Submission to His Holy Will

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Prayer of Faith in the Lord and Submission to His Holy Will

I believed in you, O Lord,

increase me in faith and on you, I have put my trust, O my God, increase me in reliance. And I love you, O Lord, so increase my love in flames, and behold, my soul is remorseful for its sins, so make it more remorseful. Guide me, O Lord, with your wisdom, control me with your justice, comfort me with your mercy, cover me with your power. I want, Lord, whatever you want, as long as you want it, and because you want it. Make me, O Lord, fervent in my prayers, contented in my food, faithful in my duties. Consistent in my purposes, O Lord, make me gentle in my association.

Prayer of Faith in the Lord and Submission to His Holy Will
Prayer of Faith in the Lord and Submission to His Holy Will

Polite in my behavior, chaste in my speech, straight in my biography. Here, O Lord, I present to you my thoughts, words, and actions. Make me think of you, talk about you, work for you, and work for you. Fill my heart, O Lord, with love for you and hatred for me and my vices. It is compassion for my neighbor, and from contempt for all things universal. Grant me, O Lord, victory over pleasure with honesty, over miserliness with charity, over anger with meekness, and lukewarmness with heat.

Make me, O Lord, sober in my affairs, brave in my dangers. Patient in my adversities, humble in my success. O Lord, enlighten my mind, kindle my will, purify my body and sanctify my soul. Teach me, O Lord, what is the most despicable of the earth and how great is the sky.

How short is time and how long is eternity. Grant me, O Lord, to prepare for death and fear judgment. I will escape from hell and I will receive heaven to glorify you. Amen. Pope Clement XI
Prayer of Faith in the Lord and Submission to His Holy Will
Prayer of Faith in the Lord and Submission to His Holy Will

Penitence prayer

I have sinned against you, our father, return me to you, because you are good and merciful, give me a new heart, and make me prove in your love through our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen Priest Daoud Kawkabani


Prayer for servants and priests

Give us, O Lord, new priests, made in your image. Priests suitable for today’s world, resisting all kinds of chaos and everything that is mere fashion. Priests filled with the Holy Spirit. Priests enamored of your love, of the Eucharist, of the divine word, priests who break their lives on the altar of prayer. Priests who do not look at the clock when they are in your presence, priests who know how to pray day and night, able, like Jesus, to spend even nights in prayer. Priests who know how to teach prayer, priests who are fond of young people, the poor, and the marginalized.

Priests bent on all kinds of love, priests who know how to welcome the drug addict, the prisoner, the girl who had an abortion, the homosexual, the broken family; They are able to show tenderness and mercy towards all the despair of today’s world. Lord, send us priests who are warriors, who are humble, do not have strange thoughts in their heads, who are humble and faithful to the Church,

They teach the love of the Church, they correct in themselves the evils of the Church, priests who extend the finger of accusation to themselves before they extend it towards the Church. Send us priests without bourgeois stories, priests who are accustomed to sacrifice, who know how to talk to young people about sacrifice, who live in evangelical poverty,

Prayer of Faith in the Lord

Prayer of Faith in the Lord and Submission to His Holy Will
Prayer of Faith in the Lord and Submission to His Holy Will

They know to share everything they have with the poor. He sent us priests who were intellectually qualified, who carried the banner of theology with solid foundations, who knew how to resist the fashions of thought and the world’s evasions.

He sent us priests who do not bear the yoke who act as if they are more farsighted than the Pope and the bishops. Send us priests who are pioneers, priests who are creative, with a heart as big as the heart of Christ, who do not laugh at education, at guidance, at education and formation. Priests steadfast, steadfast, with composure.

He sent us priests of the prophets, strong and humble, not suspicious of any human misery. Send us priests who feel as sinful as we are, faithful and proud of their vocation, pious priests who carry the Gospel more in their lives than in their words. Lord, give us the courage to ask for holy priests and to merit them even a little, through humble prayer, steadfastness, and courage. O Mary, Mother of Priests, Mother of the Church, add what is lacking in our prayer and offer her to Christ for us. Trustworthy!

Father Andrea Gasparian


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