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USB File Resc Free Download – Protect of Trojans and Malicious

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USB File Resc Free Download – Protect of Trojans and Malicious

USB File Rescue is a free, completely portable software that is utilized to eliminate and disinfect USB disks infected with Trojans, Malicious files, and other styles of malicious software. It not only cleans the removable disk, but it also cleans your complete computer and halts that bad software that generates malicious data files again.

You certainly do not need to learn the powerful development code to completely clean your setups, with a few clicks, this program will everything about you. The program is 100% free and clear from ads, you may see a simple and small application but very effective in combating the most dangerous types of viruses.

It’s capable of destroying those viruses that cause you anger and harassment, compared to the heavy 80-MB antivirus programs that do not eliminate anything and turn your computer into a turtle.

If you suffer from the weight on your computer because of some types of large protection software and want something new and different Try USB File Resc, you can find the link download at the bottom of the article.

Download USB File Resc

USB File Resc Free Download - Protect of Trojans and Malicious
USB File Resc Free Download – Protect of Trojans and Malicious


  • It is distinctive and easy to use.
  • Permanent support from the manufacturer to keep up with all types of viruses and malware and work to destroy them.
  • Cleans the disk from all types of malicious viruses, to increase the level of protection of information installed on it.
  • Easy to use, Powerful and effective in its work. USB File Resc Free Download 
  • No need to install it on the device.
  • Disinfect your flash drive very quickly, without interference from you.
  • It is designed to eliminate viruses, shortcuts, and other forms of malware and can also cleanse your system.
  • Fully free and runs on all Windows platforms.
  • It comes as one executable, which you can download at any time.
  • It does not have any special requirements and does not use many resources.
  • USB File Resc does not conflict with other antivirus actions that you may have on your computer.
  • It is designed to eliminate malware quickly and effectively and does it well.


Technical Details

  • Category: Security Software
  • Software name: USB File Resc
  • Version: Latest
  • License: Free
  • File size: 414 KB
  • Operating Systems: Windows XP 7/8/10
  • Core: 32/64-bit
  • Developer: ToolsLib
  • Official Website:

USB File Resc Free Download

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