How to Learn to Apologize and Win the Hearts of People?

How to Learn to Apologize and Win the Hearts of People?

The life we ​​live has a happy day and at other times we are flooded with sad days. We deal with it through our feelings: joy, happiness, sadness, pain, love, hate, satisfaction, sorrow, anger, and others! It is important that we stay connected to what we feel in our depths.

But does this give us the excuse to ignore the feelings of others?
To dissipate their feelings! To infringe their rights! Or to trample on their dignity!? How to learn the art of apology. What do you know from the art of apology?

How to Learn to Apologize and Win the Hearts of People?
How to Learn to Apologize and Win the Hearts of People?

But unfortunately!

This is what many of us do, believing that we are the center of life and that others must bear what comes from us! When we make mistakes, we always find the reasons that led us to do so, and we rush to make excuses, not to apologize! We are not only ignorant of apologies!

But we are arrogant and exalted and consider the apology weakness or defeat or decrease of prestige and personality! We live in constant conflicts with others as a result of this scourge.



  • Father advises the son not to apologize because the master of the house does not apologize!
  • The mother advises her daughter not to apologize to her husband so as not to be proud of her!
  • The lady of the house does not apologize to the maid, because she is superior to her!
  • A teacher does not apologize to the student, because that will diminish the respect of her students!
  • The manager does not apologize to the employee because his status (high) is not allowed to do so! 

And many more proverbs.
Also, we find those who claim urbanization by using the words spoken, including the word ‘sorry’ in the public places when the contact during the congestion between pedestrians in the corridors and public transport or other events! But when the time comes that needs a real apology, we see escape and disregard! Two words we cannot speak! 


I’m Sorry…

Two words to be uttered honestly, with them the anger is gone and the heart is broken or broken dignity! But we have prepared water to the flow in many marital relations, family, and social fractured.

How many incidents and problems we can solve with a simple apology (I’m sorry…) instead of those excuses that do not take into account the feelings of others, or the launching of accusations to escape from the situation in any way and throw our mistakes on them.

How to Learn to Apologize and Win the Hearts of People?
How to Learn to Apologize and Win the Hearts of People?

Why all this

Simply because it is difficult for us to recognize the responsibility for these actions and mistakes! For in our view, the other is the one who sins and not uses it! How to Learn to Apologize

We are infallible! Unfortunately, we often blame the circumstances and events, or any other party, on the condition that we take responsibility away from ourselves and give it to others. The art of apology is a skilled skill in social relations, consisting of three basic points:

First: feeling remorse
Second: Taking responsibility
Third: The desire for reform


It is Very Important

Stay away from making fake apologies like: I’m sorry but.! And begin to narrate the events that caused you to do so and you know well that he is wrong! Or say I’m sorry you did not hear me well! Here is the mistake of the other person and questioning his reputation. What you should do! Is to submit the apology with a sincere intention, acknowledging the abuse and harm caused to the other party.

And it would be good if some kind of response was given, and also the voice must be expressive as well as a facial expression. There is a very important point to pay attention to! But that by submitting an apology does not necessarily mean that the other accepts it.

You did this because you decided to take responsibility for your behavior! It is important to expect when apologizing that the other party may need time to accept your apology and sometimes others may refuse to apologize and this does not leave your responsibility to do the right behavior towards the other. 


Last but not least

Those who want to live with people learn the art of apologizing with love and tolerance. We win many hearts and these hearts sink deep into the depths of life through which we reach the heart of God.


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How to Learn to Apologize and Win the Hearts of People?

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