Little Story of God’s Mercy and Great Love for Humans


Little Story of God’s Mercy and Great Love for Humans

A short story that carries great meaning. It revolves around a wise king and an elderly priest, from which we draw useful wisdom. This story tells us about God’s great mercy and love for man and we learn from it to pay attention to even the smallest and most insignificant mistakes and mistakes in our lives, because of which we may lose our eternity.

So we have to be vigilant! We always offer the act of repentance to the Lord, and our repentance is sincere, and our heart is free from defilement and bad desires. Thus, we will be vessels that carry roses scented with the fragrance of holiness and the scent of heaven.

King and priest

And His mercy is to generation after generation Toward those who fear Him. (Luke 1:50).

The great king said to the old priest: “You say that if a person commits great sins and repents at the end of his life for them and asks for forgiveness from God, he will enter heaven. And that whoever commits even a small sin that does not repent of it descends into Hell. Is this justice? Isn’t one sin lighter than one?” Many sins?

Little Story of God's Mercy and Great Love for Humans
Little Story of God’s Mercy and Great Love for Humans

The priest said:  “If I take a small stone and put it on the surface of the water, will it stay on the surface or will it sink?”

The king replied, “It drowns,” and the priest continued, “If you bring a ship and put hundreds of large rocks in it, will the stones sink?”

The king said, “Don’t drown.”

The priest said: “ So all these rocks are lighter than the little stone?” The king did not know what to answer.

The priest explained to him: “This is how it will be with people, O great king. Even if a person is burdened with sins, he does not go to hell if he trusts in God and asks for forgiveness. As for the person who does evil even once, but does not seek forgiveness and mercy from God, he will perish.” This is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.



O Lord, God of all goodness, make us be this good vessel for the dwelling of your Holy Spirit, enter our hearts, and purify our thoughts. And give us a new life and a spirit that carries nothing but love and goodness for all human beings, and that we live for the sake of spreading your holy name everywhere and for every person without distinction or discrimination.

Lord, teach us to love more and fill us with your love so that we can pass it on to others and live in it and live with it forever. Amen. (auto-translate)

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Little Story of God’s Mercy and Great Love for Humans

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