Prayer to Expel the Spirit of Evil and Break the Envy

Prayer to Expel the Spirit of Evil and Break the Envy


o away, Satan, You have nothing here, especially with this Holy Spirit, the Lord is with me. I am not afraid of you, and I do not want to follow you in spite of all things. I love the Lord my God, Creator of the universe, and my Creator. Stay away, you wicked one. Your way is not in my way, Get out of here. 


O, My God,

I believed in you, and you guided me and my strength and trained me in your love, and slapped me whenever I tried to get out of your way. I want you by my side and with me and with all my senses that endowed me that do not hear and see and feel only the voice of the Lord and his word, I love you so much and know that you will not give up Because I am a weak person. 

Bless me, Lord, and Purify me, for I want to be in the line of righteousness. And you devil, get out of here. What if you do not see that my love for my mother Mary and Jesus is greater than everything? Go away and don’t come back again.
Glory to you, O Lord. (Say three times) Amen.

Prayer to Expel the Spirit of Evil and Break the Envy
Prayer to Expel the Spirit of Evil and Break the Envy

Prayer against all satanic evil

The Holy Virgin, Saint Mary, and the seven archangels who stand in the presence of God, and all heavenly covenants, the angelic tyrants, all the holy saints of Paradise, the laity, the righteous, the monks, and all the blessed of the Lord of glory. Hold me and possess me, Lord.

He changed me and changed me, and changed me, as Augustine changed, so be sure of your presence, make me a messenger for You, and witness Your love. I will expel from me all the forces of evil, destroy them, destroy them, all the magic of all the work of every paper, every envy of every trap of the devil’s traps. 

LORD our God, the King of the ages, the Adjuster, all capable of everything. Who will only make and transform all things? O one who turned the flame of the furnace, which is sevenfold in Babylon, into dew, and kept your three young saints safe. Doctor and healer of our souls. O security of your trustees. We ask You to distance and defeat and expel Your slave (mention the name of the person).

 Prayer to Expel the Spirit of Evil

Prayer to Expel the Spirit of Evil and Break the Envy
Prayer to Expel the Spirit of Evil and Break the Envy

O Lord

Every fraudulent act and every diabolical attack and every evil plot and malicious attempt, with all the harm of the envy of evil, hurt. If such a thing has happened to him, either about beauty or courage or happiness or jealousy or the injury of a harmful eye, O Lord, love humans, extend your mighty hand and help your servant.

Send him a peace angel who saves himself and his body, and is rebuked and expelled from every evil opinion and bad reputation and every injury from the eyes of people corrupting hackers. Even if your servant is protected from you, he will thank you, saying, “The Lord is with me, so I am not afraid.”

And also, I fear no evil because you are with me. For you, O God, are a strong ruler, the ruler of peace, for the coming age. Yes, O LORD our God, I will spare your mountain, and save your servant from all harm and harm caused by the evil eye, and keep it from all evil. Through the glorious intercessions, the blessings of our Lady, the eternal Mother of God, the Virgin Mary and the angels, and all your saints, Amen.


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Prayer to Expel the Spirit of Evil and Break the Envy

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  1. my relative withcrafted on my family.father died professional earning gradually came to no money .my great depression leads to insomnia(23 hour awake), chest pain and suicidal thought.till not married.38 years gone from hope for is 68 years.i hav no life medicine is working for my disease.sole is burning sensation, genital uneasiness due to sideeffect of medicine.please pray for so that witchcraft go away.i can earn.i can came out from hell.i seek prayer to god.please help me.pls respond to my mail.

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