Saint John the Baptist, the Seal of the Prophets


Saint John the Baptist, the Seal of the Prophets

The Seal of the Prophets

He was born to saintly parents: Zechariah and Elizabeth. From his mother’s womb, he was filled with the Holy Spirit and the Lord made him the greatest child of women. His birth pleased and delighted many. He called ‘John’ i.e. God’s tenderness.

Grown and strengthened by the Spirit, they grew up in the wilderness. Many of the Israelites returned to the Lord their God and the hearts of the fathers to the children and the disobedient to the thought of the righteous.


Prepare for the Coming of Christ

He prepared for the coming of Christ and was called the prophet of the Highest. The screaming voice in the wilderness calling for repentance was as the kingdom of heaven approached. He testified to the light and guided the feet of those sitting in darkness and the shadows of death to the path of peace and baptized the penitents with water.

He is the example of the faithful disciple ascetic in power and in all the glories of this mortal world, who prepared his disciples to be followers of Christ. He did not want to grow up to obscure Jesus, but rather humbled and grew up with his humility and showed Christ to the people. Furthermore, he saw, believed, and testified to Christ and baptized him in the Jordan River.

Saint John the Baptist
Saint John the Baptist

The Church called him the Angel Missionary, the Prophet, the Baptist, the Advocate of Repentance, the Jealous, the Witness, and the Acclaimed Owner.

In His hands, Jesus Christ was baptized. He faithfully completed his mission on this earth and left it after being beheaded and thus became the conclusion of the prophets. 


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Saint John the Baptist, the Seal of the Prophets

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