TeXstudio Free Download 2023 for Windows, Mac and Linux


TeXstudio Free Download 2023 for Windows, Mac and Linux

T eXstudio is an integrated writing environment for authoring LaTeX texts. As a result, TeXstudio has several capabilities, such as syntax highlighting, an integrated viewer, reference checking, and a variety of tools. TeXstudio is a free source and accessible for all major operating systems.



Split from Texmaker at the beginning of 2009 owing to Texmaker’s closed development process and conflicting ideas about configuration and functionality. You may get it via a direct link from the official website, which is included at the conclusion of this description!

TeXstudio Free Download 2023 for Windows, Mac and Linux
TeXstudio Free Download 2023 for Windows, Mac and Linux

TeXstudio Features and highlights

  • IWE stands for Integrated Writing Environment.
  • Create your own command-line arguments (for example, to redirect/reverse lookup).
  • With a single keystroke, you can access all LaTeX tools from TeX studio.
  • LaTeX tags and 1102 math symbols are available for quick selection and addition to the text.
  • You can search for tags you don’t know in the LaTeX manual.
  • Menus, toolbars, and surroundings may all be customized.
  • Control TeXStudio scripting using user-written scripts.
  • Examine the log panel for LaTeX mistakes and indicate them in the text file.
  • Based on QCodeEdit, it is a powerful text editor.
  • If the Bib files have been changed, BibTeX will be invoked automatically.
  • DDE – Interaction support for other apps on Windows.
  • Bogus reference sets/labels and false citations are flagged by this interactive reference checker.
  • Tabbed MDI display with customizable code snippets.
  • A spell checker that detects misspellings as you type them.
  • Misspelled LaTeX instructions are identified using an interactive syntax checker.
  • The syntax focuses on drawing LaTex instructions in a variety of customizable ways.


Convenient Editing


Suggests possible LaTeX commands as you type. There is a tooltip to help explain it.  



Use bookmarks to keep references to important places in your text and get there quickly.


Multiple indicators

Edit multiple sites at the same time. Vertical blocks can be copied and pasted.


Code folding allows you to hide some blocks

Autocomplete completes the tags you typed and displays the corresponding help entries, and uses tag lists from kile. Grammarly texstudio. 


More than 1000 mathematical symbols

Quick access to more than 1,000 math symbols.


Overlay link
  • When you hover over file names, references, and citations while pressing, they become links.
  • Photo dragging and dropping are supported.
  • The Picture Assistant appears when you drag an image onto the editor. From there, you may receive an icon to embed the picture with one more click.
  • Use the search panel at the bottom of the text panel to do incremental searches and replace them.
  • TeXstudio Free Download 2023 for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Unicode’s support is capable of handling files in all encoding.
  • Line numbers, frequency checker, dynamic word wrap, bracket highlighting, parenthesis completion, table Unicode, undo/redo, line change state, and table editor are some features available.
  • Bookmarks, particular lines, recent modifications, and LaTeX errors/warnings are all accessible via text navigation.
  • Remapping keys for individual keys to automatically enter text (eg beautiful quotes).
TeXstudio Free Download 2023 for Windows, Mac and Linux
TeXstudio Free Download 2023 for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • PDF preview that displays the translated PDF file and includes syntax support.
  • You may use the Find Files dialog to look for files that are presently open.
  • Local modifications may be synced with the repository using SVN.
  • View the structure, which illustrates the logical hierarchy of a file and is interactively updated.
  • A thesaurus lists synonyms for a particular term.
  • Re-read the material and highlight commonly used terms or phrases.
  • The latex result of a single equation within the text is displayed by Math Preview.
  • HTML converter that converts LaTeX-based PS files to HTML.
  • A random text generator that creates text that is similar to what you wrote.


  • Automatic detection of MikTeX, Ghostscript, and Standardlatex.
  • USB-Mode stores its settings in a texmakerx.ini file (only if you create one!).
  • You can use the same configuration on different computers.


Technical Details

  • Category: Office Tools
  • Software name: TeXstudio
  • Version: latest
  • License: Open Source
  • Size: 108 MB
  • Operating systems: Windows XP, 7/8/10/11, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and others.
  • Languages: Multilingual
  • Developed by: Benito van der Zander
  • Official Website: texstudio.org

Download TeXstudio Free 2023


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