Viber Free Download Voice and Video Call for PC & Mobile


Viber Free Download Voice and Video Call for PC & Mobile

Viber is software that allows you to make voice and video calls for a free subscription without paying any physical fees between Viber users on the Internet. The program is not only limited to calls and texts. The user can also send and receive pictures as well as conference calls and forums, and it also allows you to make calls to phones at low prices.

Initially, it was used on smartphones, and after its proliferation and success, was developed with special versions of desktop computers to run on the Windows operating system. Quickly Download Viber Voice and Video Call for PC & Mobile and connect with your friends for free at no cost.


Viber Software

is that it syncs with all the devices without any problems and fully. Viber is also easy to download and does not need time or great effort, it opens an account for each new user, and this account is estimated by the user to use on all devices available to him.

We can say that Viber is a flexible and lightweight program, due to its multiple versions for all devices. This can be used by all users, including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets that are widely distributed these days.

The user can transfer calls between all devices. It is great that Viber has the smart ability to access the directory of phone numbers and information with high accuracy. This saves you time and effort by adding them manually.

Viber Voice and Video Call Download Free for PC & Mobile
Viber Free Download Voice and Video Call for PC & Mobile

About Viber

The Viber interface is smooth and easy to use, and it offers great logos and images that are exchanged between callers. With specialized site certification, it provides advanced and high-quality service for voice calls.

Viber is compatible with all operating systems for Windows, Windows Phones, Symbian, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Mac, Linux, and other systems. Viber is available in 30 languages and is used by millions of people around the world.

In the era of technology and modern smartphones, it is easy for all citizens to communicate with others through the Internet wherever they are. 

Via Wi-Fi in the home, through their smart devices, at work, and in public places where free Wi-Fi is available. This has helped a lot in spreading audio applications in a large and wide way.

This has allowed more possibilities for the use of multiple voices, voice writing and other things. Skype is one of the pioneers in launching Voice over Internet services, making the land a small village through which to connect anywhere you want without any cost. And opened the way for many programs and applications that went the same way.

Viber Voice and Video Call Download Free for PC & Mobile
Viber Free Download Voice and Video Call for PC & Mobile

Viber Features

  • Viber took the plunge and was able to get to the fore by making phone calls, text messages, photos, and other online services available to all modern devices.
  • When you load the Viber application, it is designed to create a list of contacts you make on your devices, either in writing or in text.
  • Once you enter your phone number on the app, you will be given a complete and detailed list of connected or offline subscribers. You can send them a message telling them that you are using the Viber application so that they can also download it. 
  • Of course, as mentioned earlier, you and the other subscriber must be connected to the Internet for a successful call and call at no cost.
  • Viber allows the user to manage multiple target groups and addresses.
  • As well as what it offers to send pictures and videos. All this is free.
  • The program has a smooth, light-free interface.
Viber Voice and Video Call Download Free for PC & Mobile
Viber Free Download Voice and Video Call for PC & Mobile

Product Details

  • Categories: Communication
  • Software Name: Viber
  • License: Free.
  • File size: Varies by version type
  • Version: Varies by version type
  • Support systems: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11, and all mobile phones
  • Languages: English, Arabic, and a lot of international dialects
  • Developer: Viber Media Inc.
  • Official website:

Download Viber Free Voice and Video Call

Viber for Android  Viber for iOS


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