What do We Need to be Like Humans? (Story)


What Do We Need to Be Like Humans? (Story)

The Lion King of the jungle asked this question: What do we need to be like human beings?

Some people are degraded to a lower level than animals.

A lion was walking in the middle of the forest, and he saw all the animals fleeing in front of him and fearing him, as he is the king of animals. He roared loudly, his voice resounding throughout the forest, and dozens of lions, lionesses, and cubs rushed out to him.

They saw him standing in silence, and one of them said, “We heard your roar, and we all came, every lion with its lioness and its cubs; We have come to work with you, or to rescue you if you are in danger!” “I thank you,” said the lion, “I am not in danger… I am a king. All wild animals fear me and flee before me, but an idea occurred to me that I wanted to present to you.”:

—  what is it?

To live like everyone else.

What Do We Need to Be Like Humans? (Story)
What Do We Need to Be Like Humans? (Story)

What do we lack that we can be as humans?

On the body side, we are stronger. On the side of freedom, we walk freely through the woods.
— We need to quarrel together, and eat each other’s meat, for this is one of the characteristics of human beings!
— How is this? We always work with them.

If we devour an animal, we shall share it together, and give the old, the sick, and the cubs their share, even if you do not labor with us?

Come, let us disagree together and divide into different groups, fight each other, and eat each other!
— It is impossible, for if we eat each other, we will perish, because our bodies are not as lean as most people, and our teeth are not as weak as theirs!
— Let us try, bearing the experience of men – How do we differ together, and do we by nature work together?


Saint John Chrysostom

This imaginary story on the tongues of lions is inspired by what St. John Chrysostom wrote when he said that man has degenerated to a level lower than animals. And insects, so the Bible calls us to learn perseverance and not to be lazy like an ant, and to work together even like predatory animals like lions.  Although they are predators, they do not eat each other but rather work together. As for man, he differs even from those who are close to him.

I remember that I was invited to intervene in a problem in North America between a father and his son who carried out a project together as partners and the project succeeded. The father brought a case against his son claiming that the project belongs to him, denying his son’s company with him, which is his flesh and blood!! Oh, the ugliness of sin! What predators don’t do, people do shamelessly!!

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I have become, to you, like a beast

O Lord, you have given me intellect, and you have given me the grace of free will, so that by Your grace I may ascend to Your heavens and imitate Your angels! I know you, enjoy your secrets, and live in exalted glory!  Because of my stupidity, sin destroyed me, humiliated me, and brought me down to the abyss!

But in your love you came down to me, to carry me on your shoulders, and to live in truth a blessed and holy son! I no longer learn from animals but from heaven itself! I see all creation serving me, because of your exalted love for me!

The prophet looked at what sin had done to him and cried: “I have become to you like a beast!”  Do not be surprised, beloved, for animals abide by the laws of nature, and behave better than many humans. What do we lack for you to desire to be like human beings?


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