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What Does It Mean to Be a Man of Conscience?

What Does It Mean to Be a Man of Conscience?

man is the one who lives with a conscience, and if his conscience dies, his life becomes without value or substance, so it becomes a solid rock without feelings or heart!


When conscience dies

Man lives with love, and whoever dies by conscience and commits suicide through his conscience, will be affected by the double poisonous thoughts of the behaviors of this lustful materialistic age! This makes him far from the lofty and human values ​​and principles, his life becomes in opposition to all divine values ​​and principles!

What Does It Mean to Be a Man of Conscience?
What Does It Mean to Be a Man of Conscience?

What is happening in our world today?

Today’s human being is no longer clear, transparent, or honest. He has been displaced by transparency, left by honesty, and out of chastity, he has become an indifferent, selfish, authoritarian double, concerned with money and possession of things.

Is he detached from humanity or is it detached from him? Did he let the waves and seas of this world throw him into the rocks on which his humanity was shattered, and he lost the secret of his being and his existence?

If we follow the surrounding events! We hear nothing but problems that follow humanity, many woes, the first of which are wars, corrupt behavior, natural disasters, terrorism, persecution, the slaughter of minorities, encroachment on religious symbols and demolishing the houses of God, killing children without mercy or compassion, immigration, unemployment, poverty and many more!

The reason for all these woes is that man has in fact been stripped of his humanity, has sold his conscience, and has become enslaved to destructive satanic thoughts that drive him to all these actions!

What Does It Mean to Be a Man of Conscience?
What Does It Mean to Be a Man of Conscience?

Are all of these actions justified and what?

Do we run away from our humanity and sell our conscience!? Or do you obey the world of money and sex? Shall we abandon our chastity and morals and travel to the world of lusts and immorality!?

This is what many of those who abandoned their humanity did, they left far away, stripping them of the robe of chivalry and virtue! They fabricate false cultures for them to build a fragile foundation for the future generation!

O you who emigrated emotionally and escaped from your conscience! Your human being has turned into just a pile of stones devoid of feelings! Thus, your conscience has become just a stone by which you throw everything that is beautiful and wonderful around you. Your humanity has become stained, distorted, false, cheap, living in the caves and corridors of the past and the illusion of the future!


Does humanity stand for its humanity and give the conscience its right?

Or is every human being living on his whim and walking according to his inclinations and instincts? In order to impose his perverted ideas on others and spread the seeds of his hidden deadly poisons in the minds of this generation!

The value of a man is in himself! Self is a gift from God! If he loved and respected this self, his life would have become a heavenly song, and he would become the melody of heaven, and his dryness would turn into springs in which streams of love and goodness flow and the years that the locusts had eaten would turn into the taste of pomegranate juice, colored by the bright colors of spring, and the birds of love and beauty fluttered around them.


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What Does It Mean to Be a Man of Conscience?


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